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  • Technology VS tradition: Who decides?

    Posted on March 06 2020

    Technology VS tradition: Who decides?

    There have been many debates, which couldn’t actually be solved. For instance, science VS god or say, modernism VS methodology and the list is endless. One such heated debated is also technology VS tradition. Whenever this argument comes up, it’s tough to make a decision since both sides have equally...

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  • You got the world right in your hands!!

    Posted on April 10 2017

    You got the world right in your hands!!

    Gonoise |12th Feb 2016 | Smart Bands We humans aren’t good at multitasking so we will buy anything which proves the converse of this. Right? Think over! Instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket what if you tilt your fist and instantly see your texts, your emails or whether it’s...

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