How are you keeping fit this Lockdown?

Posted on July 27 2020

Noise Fit Evolve

Quarantine day 1: I am going to use this time to improvise on my health.

Quarantine day 80: Due to personal reasons, I will be eating a whole pizza and an ice cream tub by myself.

This situation pretty much sums up our condition during the nationwide lockdown.

What started as a brief stint turned into a full-blown lockdown. So it was only a matter of time when the entire enthusiasm of working on ourselves gave way to our old habits with laziness creeping in and making a home. Extra calories (thanks to the home baking), Netflixing all day or binging on your favorite foods, all of this can certainly take a toll on your health in the long run. And with the pandemic not showing any sign of slowing down, fitness is our top-most priority as of this moment. This brings us to this article. A few basic equipment and the right gadgets by your side, tracking and maintaining your health during this lockdown can seem like a piece of cake. (pun intended)

Speaking of the right gadgets, for optimum performance you definitely need the best smartwatch in India-

NoiseFit Evolve

This amazing Bluetooth smartwatch, NoiseFit Evolve, caters to anything you can require from a device. With an AMOLED display, it helps you see even in the brightest light. So no matter if you’re working outside with the sun at its brightest, you can still track those workouts right from your wrist.

This fitness smartwatch is completely sweat proof too! Get this beauty to train like a beast!

Workouts don’t always mean heavy dumbbells or stretchy resistance bands. Anything that gives your body the required movement can be called a workout. But can you track the effect of things like yoga, or cycling?

With the NoiseFit Evolve, your answer would be a big YES!

The NoiseFit Evolve is a fitness smartwatch that tracks multiple sports- from walking, indoor and outdoor running and cycling to mountaineering or free training, it gives you an option to track 9 different sports through 9 different modes!

Adding to the variety of features this fitness smartwatch has to offer, the NoiseFit Evolve also allows the user to track overall health with its activity tracker that tracks 24/7 heart rate tracker, daily step count, calories burnt and sleep monitoring.

Apart from these trackers, the NoiseFit Evolve also provides sedentary and hydration reminders. It gives you the little nudge you need to work out and ensure you drink ample water while you do!

With NoiseFit Evolve, you don’t have to check or be bothered by your phone or laptop. This fitness tracker provides you with all your social media notifications, text notifications and allows you to manage your calls right from a tap on your wrist. Attend your boss’ call now while you do those leg stretches, without having to stop!

With the plethora of features ‘fitted’ inside such a compact device, it would be but natural for you to wonder if it requires recurring charges. Well, we made sure we don’t leave any stone unturned.

The NoiseFit Evolve is a fitness tracker that holds battery stamina of 3 days and 10 days on standby! No more recharges everyday!

To add to your already over-boiling excitement, the NoiseFit Evolve comes in 4 different colors- Sport Black, Slate Black, Dusk Blue and Blush Pink. If that isn’t enough, you get a 1-year manufacturing warranty too!

So go on, create your own customisable goals, track your calories, heart rate and sleep, all while looking sharp with this fitness tracker.

Last but certainly not the least, you can effortlessly control all this with the NoiseFit PEAK app!

Your health in your hands, quite literally.

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