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  • How to remain sane during lockdown period?

    Posted on September 10 2020

    How to remain sane during lockdown period?

    Though we are in the middle of Unlock 4.0, we still have a long way to go before things can go back to being normal. The unlock does not imply that the virus's threat is gone but that we have to continue living with it until the vaccine is out...

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  • The Journey of Noise

    Posted on August 31 2020

    The Journey of Noise

    If you are here, then you really must love us and we couldn't be happier to have you. The occasion happens to be Noise’s anniversary and we thought it's about time you read our story. The beginning The idea of Noise started between 2 brothers who saw a significant gap...

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  • How are you keeping fit this Lockdown?

    Posted on July 27 2020

    How are you keeping fit this Lockdown?

    Quarantine day 1: I am going to use this time to improvise on my health. Quarantine day 80: Due to personal reasons, I will be eating a whole pizza and an ice cream tub by myself. This situation pretty much sums up our condition during the nationwide lockdown. What started...

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  • What’s new in the Noise Town?

    Posted on May 29 2020

    What’s new in the Noise Town?

    Wireless earbuds are no longer an anomaly. With more and more smartphones opting for the jack-less feature, they are the way to go. True, these earbuds deliver freedom from wires but given the many options present in the market, we have come to expect a lot more from them. And...

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  • Experience Everything - #LIVE_EVERYDAY

    Posted on December 26 2018

    Experience Everything - #LIVE_EVERYDAY

    “It’s all about the experience!” Most of us have heard this statement thrown around dozen times in a day! But have we ever stopped to wonder what is it all about? At Gonoise, we have! We are a company that believes in getting the best experience - all day, everyday....

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