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  • Staying Active on Trips: The ‘Snuggle’ is Real!

    Posted on January 28 2020

    Staying Active on Trips: The ‘Snuggle’ is Real!

    Holidays are definitely ‘holy-days’, given we get a much-deserved break from the usual rut of the routine. Every holiday season we look for escapes from our daily life, to go to a place where no one knows our name or identity just for a few days, to blow off some...

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  • Gadgets that will Work (Out) for You

    Posted on December 31 2019

    Gadgets that will Work (Out) for You

    When we think about the word “workout” the first thing that comes to our mind is an image of a gym, people doing squats, indoor cycling, and the likes. However, that is a misconception. Working out not only keeps track of your physical activities but also heart rate, breathing patterns,...

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