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  • Meet your certified trek ‘bud’: Noise ColorFit PRO 2

    Posted on February 26 2020

    Meet your certified trek ‘bud’: Noise ColorFit PRO 2

    The best part about choosing trekking as an activity is it’s truly for everyone. No matter your age or previous trekking experience, there’s always a path waiting for you. However, trekking requires special gear. From clothes to backpacks, you have to be prepared for the walk. As Terri Guillemets once...

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  • Are Smart Watches the Way to Go?

    Posted on January 29 2020

    Are Smart Watches the Way to Go?

    What would a watch say to a clock? ‘Hour you doing?’ Well, that was pretty ‘smart’, wasn’t it? It won’t be far-fetched to say that is precisely what watches are these days; absolutely SMART! Smartwatches have become a must-have essential in the present world as they pose a lot of...

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  • Experience Everything - #LIVE_EVERYDAY

    Posted on December 26 2018

    Experience Everything - #LIVE_EVERYDAY

    “It’s all about the experience!” Most of us have heard this statement thrown around dozen times in a day! But have we ever stopped to wonder what is it all about? At Gonoise, we have! We are a company that believes in getting the best experience - all day, everyday....

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