How to make the most of the smartwatch during home workouts?

Posted on June 09 2020

How to make the most of the smartwatch during home workouts

COVID-19 and the resultant lock-down has made sure that our work-life balance is out of the window. And combined with the lack of outside access has put our already fragile well-being under even more stress. Earlier, health-conscious and fitness freaks were the only ones who would take care of their health. But now it's no longer an option, especially with the growing health crisis. This has led to a new category of exercise known as home workouts. Since this category of exercise can be done at home, motivation becomes a constant challenge. This is where Bluetooth smartwatches step in.

They provide a lot of stats related to our heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality and more. These smartwatches for a home workout, as a result, pushes us towards the right track.

Set Concrete Goals and Achieve them

Nowadays, smartwatches come with pre-set goals and targets. These include steps taken, sleep target, calories burned and more. The best part is you can tweak those to suit your needs and preferences. And with the progress that you make over time, you can gradually increase them. With new smartwatches entering the market, they also come up with various fitness modes, including indoor running, indoor walking, cycling, yoga, spin classes, skipping and more to track your goals (steps, distance covered and calories burned).

Know your Resting Heart Rate

Working out does not mean pushing yourself to the limit without noticing the progress. Anyone into fitness will tell you how important it is to know your resting heart rate during the exercise. Resting heart rate tells us more about our well-being than doing those push-ups. Resting heart rate is the heart-beats per minute while we are not exercising, so a lower resting heart rate means better health.

With that being said, smartwatches or fitness bands cannot replace the knowledge and proficiency of an actual doctor, so it's always a good idea to visit a doctor at the slightest sign of discomfort while exercising.

Monitor your Sleep

Research tells us that resting is an equal and vital part of working out. Sleep gives our body the much-needed rest after a hard day at work or on the friendly treadmill. They maximize our recovery and prepare us for the next day. Now, these smartwatches monitor our sleep and find out about our sleep quality (duration of sleep in each stage – light, deep and REM). This helps us to look for ways to improve our sleep and make some lifestyle changes.

Compete with Friends

'Healthy' competition goes a long way to give our best and getting competitive during your home workout sessions bodes well both for you and our competition. You can compete with your family and friends. Set challenges and compare the results over days, weeks and months to see who can rank ahead on the leader's board. These challenges can include calories burned, the number of steps taken or distance covered.

Set reminders for Sedentary and Hydration

With forever looming deadlines, getting out of the chair to stretch your legs or getting a glass of water becomes an arduous task and that's where smartwatches become our coach. Setting reminders at regular intervals to get up or to hydrate yourself may not fall under strict workout rules but they do more than their bit in preventing muscle cramps in the course of workouts.

Unprecedented times call for creative measures to tackle them and with home workout smartwatches taking leading for our overall fitness, we can be assured of holistic well-being.

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