How to remain sane during lockdown period?

Posted on September 10 2020

remain sane during lockdown period

Though we are in the middle of Unlock 4.0, we still have a long way to go before things can go back to being normal. The unlock does not imply that the virus's threat is gone but that we have to continue living with it until the vaccine is out and continue taking precautions and leaving our homes only when it is absolutely necessary.

While staying home is critically important, the last 6-7 months of virus's news, natural disasters, increased work from home workload and being away from your loved ones has taken a toll on one's mental health. But the good news is there are ways to deal and overcome mental stress.

Read on to find out. 


Since work from home began, most of us have set up a home office room/desk.

Creating a designated working space is the first step towards organizing your work from home life; it helps get in the work mode and deliver projects timely.

Another way to get organized is to stay on top of things. How? With the NoiseFit Endure smartwatch. The smart notification feature ensures that you get notified of urgent messages right on your wrist so you can step away from your work station without missing out on anything.

And with the ColorFit Nav, you get your meeting reminders, so you're never on your boss' hit list again.

This feature also helps you manage your schedule better which in turn adds to your productivity.

 Sitting all day on a chair isn't comfortable and neither is it healthy. Even on Netflix Sundays, being a couch potato, all day isn't the right way to go. So, we decided to put in the little nudge you require to keep moving all day. With Noise smartwatches like ColorFit Pro 2 or the ColorFit Nav, you get sedentary reminders, so you're moving about the whole day. 

Eat right

Doughnut take us lightly because the food you consume all day plays a huge role in determining your mood. For instance, consuming greasy and fried food all day will have you feeling sluggish; on the other hand, having a balanced diet with all the nutrients helps one not only be physically fit but also mentally refreshed.

Now, of course, we understand that not everyone is a nutritionist, so you don't need to weigh and measure in your meals. Just add fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts and the like to give you the energy boost you need. Even managing to eat three full nutritious meals at correct times will make a lot of difference. Immunity building foods such as kadhas, ginger, pepper, papayas, etc. can be consumed, giving our immune system a much-needed boost during the global pandemic.

When it comes to food groups, a big no goes out to indulging in too much caffeine. Sure, you need your cup(s) of coffee to stay up late night in order to finish off your work but in the long run, it doesn't add much to your health except for keeping you up. Instead, replace it with apple or drinks like coconut water, fruit juices, and apple cider vinegar mocktails would have you feeling great throughout the day.

And the best of all - water. Having loads of water is the absolute cure to all your Monday blues. It boosts your digestive system making you feel healthier from the inside. And since our saviour is so important, we thought, why not help remind you to hydrate yourself!

The NoiseFit Evolve and the NoiseFit Fusion have hydration reminders too!

Take breaks

The famous 'we were on a break' line is the perfect explainer for this one.

With the work from home and zoom meetings, we're all leading a desk-bound life.

Trying to adjust to the new normal while continuing to work full force can get tiring; that's why getting yourself up from that chair, moving around the house is necessary.

Along with that, basic home workouts to keep you moving is the way to go. Yoga, a walk in the park (early morning when lesser people are around) or weight training with basic dumbbells can be a few ways to get your daily exercise levels matched.

 And with ColorFit Pro 2 and ColorFit Nav, tracking workouts is easier than ever before. Both these Bluetooth smartwatches offer multiple sports modes. So you can track indoor running, indoor walking, yoga, free training and even dance. The Noise ColorFit Nav comes with an inbuilt GPS so you can get accurate and real-time distance-speed readings to your workouts!

The best way to workout is with music and to make your workout music experience even better, we have a range of truly wireless earphones - Shots Rush, Shots Ergo, Shots X5 PRO and more, that have controls (playback/call/volume/voice assistant) right on the earbud making your activity an effortless experience.

This one goes without saying when it comes to taking a break, stay in touch with your squad. Play online games together, or have a chat with your best friend, talk to your family and if nothing works then scroll through cute Instagram pup videos - those floofballs always know how to melt our hearts.

Learn a new skill

Another way of keeping your sanity and remove yourself from the daily rut is by investing in learning something new. It could be as simple as learning how to make mushroom soup or maybe an online course to add to your resume. The internet is a wide space and there's always so much to learn.

Why do we stress so much about this? Because this helps you de-stress.

Repeating the same tasks every day can get monotonous and make you lose interest in most activities. Learning something new- a skill, a fact, gives you a new thing to look forward and gives you something to talk about over the next call.  

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