How can you improve your endurance at home: COVID-19 Edition

Posted on September 01 2020

Improving Endurance

'I broke up with my gym today! We just weren't working out.' 

It's something that we have all heard far more than we care to admit.

The nationwide lockdown has led to a lot of involuntary gym breakups. It comes as no surprise that the pandemic highlighted the value of keeping fit-mentally and physically. 

While many of you may believe that working out in the gym is the ultimate flex of fitness but we're here to tell you that's not always the case. Given the current situation, it's riskier to head to the gym than to stay inside plus, you can improve your fitness and endurance through indoor workouts as long as you put in the effort and have some way of tracking the progress made. The best way to do that is through fitness gadgets

NoiseFit Endure 

We've always been a fan of increasing endurance, so much so, we named a whole product after it! Why would this product be for you? Because it supports 9 different sports modes, including indoor walking making it ideal for tracking indoor workouts. Along with this, it comes with a Breathe mode to help you unwind and slow down.  

Even if you decide to have a mini gym at home, the only weight you want to lift is the dumbbells. To help you with this, the NoiseFit Endure sports a lightweight design to make sure nothing pulls you down. 

This Bluetooth smartwatch also holds a battery life of up to 20 days and 30 days on standby mode. 

The fitness tracker even wins in terms of looks- it comes in 6 different colors, and has customisable watch faces.  

NoiseFit Evolve

Another gadget that will help you evolve in your fitness is the NoiseFit Evolve Bluetooth smartwatch. It comes with 9 different sports mode. In case you're running out of home exercises, this fitness tracker also tracks indoor cycling, indoor walking, yoga and even free training. So you have a whole workout regime right on your hands. 

The Bluetooth smartwatch also offers a full health monitoring scenario with a 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calorie counter and daily step count. 

It also provides you with the much-needed phone break as it gives your notifications right on your wrist, so no more digging into your pocket now and then to check important notifications. 

The NoiseFit Evolve also has sedentary and hydration reminders and battery stamina of 3 days with 10-day standby.

Noise Shots Rush

Whenever we think of working out, our first two instincts are grabbing a protein/water bottle and plugging in music. And no work out is really complete till it's complemented by the tunes that motivate you to do that one extra set. 

The Noise Shots Rush brings high-quality sound for an uninterrupted workout and allows you to customise it via pop, rock and classic modes.  

Workouts can be rigorous, and the last thing you need is your Bluetooth earbud falling out of your ear while you go for a jog. These truly wireless earbuds come with silicone hooks that are unshakable, giving you a truly elite workout session. 

These Bluetooth earphones are also sweat proof and deliver 6-hour playback on a single charge, and 3x charges from the case, totaling 24-hour battery. And to make your indoor workouts even more comfortable, they hold all the controls on the bud itself, so play, pause and adjust the volume all with one tap. 

And not just that, it also features quick Bluetooth pairing and low latency mode, so you can get ready to bring home the chicken dinner after a serious sweat session! 

The Noise Shots Rush is Android and iOS compatible, and are available in three gorgeous colors- Quick Silver, Charcoal Grey and Wine Red. 

Noise ColorFit Nav

If you wish to go out for a walk in the park in the fresh early morning air (with fewer people outside), we got a gadget to help you with that too - ColorFit Nav smartwatch with a built-in GPS tracking. 

A built-in GPS means accurate and real-time distance-speed readings to your workouts. This smartwatch has a provision of tracking 10 different sports, so whether it is yoga at home with calming music or weightlifting and cardio while jazzing to Beyonce and Rihanna, this GPS tracker tracks it. 

And if dancing is your idea of a workout, this watch gets you and lets your track the number of calories burned and more. This feature is a part of the 10 sports modes.

Apart from these, other distinguishing features include a hand sanitizer reminder, low battery reminder, vibration alerts, screen brightness, remote camera control, wrist orientation, calendar reminders and meeting reminders. 

And to help you ease off any bouts of anxiety that might surface, this Bluetooth smartwatch offers you guided breathing sessions with the Breathe Mode. 

The Noise ColorFit Nav also comes with a 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep monitor and sedentary reminders to give you the occasional nudge your body needs to get up, work out, and keep fit. 

So, what if you broke up with your gym. Move on, find an indoor workout. Its about time. 

Stay home, stay safe!

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