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Posted on April 10 2017

Gonoise |12th Feb 2016 | Smart Bands

We humans aren’t good at multitasking so we will buy anything which proves the converse of this. Right?

Think over!
Instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket what if you tilt your fist and instantly see your texts, your emails or whether it’s your boss calling or just anybody and lets you decide things in one go. What if you have a great handy wireless connection to your mobile device?

In 1999, Samsung launched the world's first smart watch phone, the SPH-WP10. It had a protruding antenna, a monochrome LCD screen, and a 90-minute of talk time with an integrated speaker and a microphone.

Today, smart watches are one of the most searched electronic device. It is said that the measure of success depends on how efficiently it’s helping people get things done and not how well it suck people in. From being looked down upon by men as an effeminate accessory, occupying a prime position in the world of fashion and utility, the smart watch has come a long way indeed.

This popular product is already creating ripples on many online sites, having more than 50 features like glanceable display , receive text messages, incoming calls, respond to emails without touching your phone with a battery life of 7 days. Importantly, a smart watch alerts you that which incoming notification needs your attention without even pulling your phone out from your pocket.

A Survey has shown that maximum number of the population use smart watch as a means of getting notifications securely while keeping their android phones locked. You get enough battery power which saves the phone battery when on the go. A quick text reply, tracking fitness level without pulling out phones makes people use smart watches on a daily basis.

So what is your preferred style of keeping time? Are you the kind of person who go for a luxury watch or the one who take the 'smart' walk down the road?

Be smart before being luxurious!! With these wearable tech junkies available on our website

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