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  • The Journey of Noise

    Posted on August 31 2020

    The Journey of Noise

    If you are here, then you really must love us and we couldn't be happier to have you. The occasion happens to be Noise’s anniversary and we thought it's about time you read our story. The beginning The idea of Noise started between 2 brothers who saw a significant gap...

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  • Noise Recognized as Economic Times Most Promising Brand 2019

    Posted on January 10 2020

    Noise Recognized as Economic Times Most Promising Brand 2019

    Noise, with the love and support of its customers, has become one of the best sellers of truly wireless earphones and smart wearable in the Indian market. From completing 5 years into the industry to coming up with a completely new and unique collection of audio and smart wearable consumer...

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  • Gadgets that will Work (Out) for You

    Posted on December 31 2019

    Gadgets that will Work (Out) for You

    When we think about the word “workout” the first thing that comes to our mind is an image of a gym, people doing squats, indoor cycling, and the likes. However, that is a misconception. Working out not only keeps track of your physical activities but also heart rate, breathing patterns,...

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    Posted on December 23 2019


      Deciding between wired and wireless earphones can land you in a bit of a pickle. To help you make an informed decision, scroll away!   PROS: Would earphones tie-up in space? No, they would knot. Well worrying about tangling, tying and knotting isn't something you need to think about...

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  • Wired or Wireless: The Great Debate!

    Posted on September 24 2019

    Wired or Wireless: The Great Debate!

    Listening to music is a personal experience. Some like to enjoy it on speakers while others make the experience more personal courtesy earphones. But with that being said, anytime anyone wants to buy a pair of earphones, they always consider experimenting - whether they should go for wired or wireless...

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