The Journey of Noise

Posted on August 31 2020

Journey of Noise | Amit Khatri & Gaurav Khatri

If you are here, then you really must love us and we couldn't be happier to have you. The occasion happens to be Noise’s anniversary and we thought it's about time you read our story.

The beginning

The idea of Noise started between 2 brothers who saw a significant gap between people's demand and what was offered to them. They wanted to change that with technology and this led to the emergence of Noise.

Smart technology for all

What started as a simple plan of bringing good quality everyday products like smartphone covers and other accessories to the masses, eventually led to discovering of the unexplored category of smartwatches that wasn't done by any other Indian brand. Noise was one of the first homegrown brands to bring smartwatches to the masses. But we didn't stop there. We saw opportunities to expand ourselves further and decided to start the party with the wireless earphones.

The age of Noise

We knew for a fact that the Indian market was ready for the new sound or as we like to call it, the #InnerNoise and launched the Shots series successfully. But let us be very clear, this was not just our effort but the constant support and feedback from you that made it possible.

You were the ones who were calling the shots.

But that was not all. We also launched ColorFit and NoiseFit, a range of smartwatches customised to your needs and preference to help you live the best life.

What lies in the future

This year has given us a lot of things to think and we are grateful about it.

“The journey has been amazing so far, and we only wish to make it better from here. As we go forward, we will strive to get the best of technology to our customers. Even more than before. New goals, new innovations and many new products to match the rapidly-changing world – a promise we are making to ourselves and to all the people who make us.”

Gaurav Khatri, CEO

“Touching people’s lives with technology is something that brings us joy. On this special occasion, I want to say a big and earnest thank you to our Noisemakers who brought us here. From the people who have given us so much love to the employees behind the scenes, making all the magic happen. Better and bigger things ahead.”

Amit Khatri, Managing Director

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