Gadgets that are slowly taking over smart phones

Posted on September 25 2020

Smartwatch Gadgets

There used to be a time when smartphones were a big thing; with new features added every launch, these gadgets made our life simpler and comfortable. Though considered as a luxury earlier, they have evolved into becoming a necessity. With that being said, now we have moved to newer gadgets like Bluetooth Smartwatches and Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. These new gadgets are slowly but gradually taking over our lives and making the smartphones obsolete.  

Read on to know more.  

Noise Colorfit Nav:

Given the number of features they come with, it is of no surprise that Bluetooth smartwatches have seen a rise in demand. And the Noise Colorfit Nav is one such smartwatch.  

With an inbuilt GPS tracker, the smartwatch tracks and shares accurate distance covered, calories burned, real-time speed readings from any of the 10 pre-added sports.  

Apart from tracking workouts, it comes with a 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and sedentary reminders to give you the occasional nudge your body needs with the whole ‘work from home’ culture. When you feel life is getting a bit too hectic, unwind with the Breathe mode. Not just that, the smartwatch also comes with a dedicated handwash reminder that can be set at regular intervals with duration.    

Instead of downloading different health apps on your phone, you have them all on your wrist with the smartwatch.   

Noise Shots Groove:

Talking about gadgets taking over, one cannot fail to speak about truly wireless earbuds. Earbuds have many inbuilt features that control calls, music or even get some assistance without using your smartphone.  

For instance, the Noise Shots Groove is equipped with a 6mm speaker driver that lets you move with the beat. 

They come neatly packed in a classic, round case that weighs a feather-light 4.4 grams and with the charging case, you get a total playtime of 15 hours; the case supports c-type charging as well. 

With the Bluetooth v5.0 technology, you get the quick pairing benefit while the dual-channel transmission feature ensures minimum delay. 

The truly wireless earbuds are Siri and Google Assistant compatible and allow you to exercise full control right from your fingertips. An IPX5 rating ensures that your earbuds are safe against a little splash of rain and mid-workout sweat as well. 

NoiseFit Evolve: 

The NoiseFit Evolve leaves no stone unturned in making sure you never need your phone again to perform any task. 

The smartwatch offers a full health monitoring plan with its 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calories meter and step counter. The smartwatch lets you track 9 different sports like indoor cycling, indoor walking, yoga and even free training.  

With the nationwide lockdown and the pandemic upon us, we have become increasingly dependent on our devices in order to work or stay connected. As much as it is a great technological advancement for mankind, the excessive usage of social media and devices is bound to get to us at times. 

Wherein we can’t ignore work notifications, it is possible to limit the notifications you respond to. The smartwatch gives you your much-needed device break by showing all your important notifications on your watch face itself, so you don’t need to constantly check your phone- take a break and keep the work going. 


Noise Shots Nuvo: 

 A good pair of truly wireless earbuds can be a mood changer. The Noise Shots Nuvo will definitely fit your definition of good. 

The Noise Shots NUVO and their charging case have been designed to be super comfortable and extremely lightweight. 

Supported by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the truly wireless earbuds quickly pairs and provide a better, stable range. The controls of music, volume and calls in these wireless earbuds rest on the earbud and support Siri and Google Assistant. 

With these truly wireless earbuds, you get a total of 32 hours of battery life- 4 hours of playtime from the buds themselves along with a super 28 hours from the charging case.  

Even though smartphones can’t be totally replaced but, in some ways, they work better than smartphones making our lives easier and simpler.

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