Workouts and food: Striking the right balance

Posted on September 18 2020

Workouts and food

Working out and having the right food are interconnected. You can’t be binging on junk food all day and then try to wash it off with a workout. Similarly, just working out and starving yourself of all essential nutrients won’t help you reach a healthy body. The goal isn’t skinny or thick, it’s being fit. 

So how do we strike the right balance? The gadgets and the food that you put in play a vital role in maintaining this balance.  

Let’s taco about it.

Noise Shots X5 Pro:  

How Bluetooth earbuds connect to maintaining health, one might wonder. Well, think of it this way, when you decide on working out, the first thing that comes to your mind is finding the right music. We all have dedicated workout playlists, now don’t we? 

The right kind of music subconsciously means the right kind of motivation. The right gadget will help you with an effortless workout. 

One such gadget is the Noise Shots X5 Pro. These truly wireless earbuds are the ‘pros’ of the Bluetooth earbuds line. With the 6mm graphene speaker drivers, you get a crisp treble and punchy bass. Moreover, apt X™ ensures Hi-Fi audio no matter what phone you use. Elite sound, means perfect workouts. 

The earbuds are not only heavy on sound, but also with the battery. With a playtime of 8 hours on a single charge, you get 150 hours of total music with the case. The charging case doubles as a power bank as you can charge your smartphone with it too! 

Oh, and we future-proofed it- C-type charging on the case. 

The Bluetooth earbuds are also waterproof (IPX7), have Qualcom and Bluetooth 5.0 to provide a better Bluetooth range, and come with full touch controls- music and calls right on the earbuds. They are compatible with Siri and Google too. 

Since they sort your workouts, ‘bready’ to workout. 

Noise ColorFit Nav: 

The USP of this Bluetooth smartwatch is the GPS tracker. A built-in GPS means you get accurate and real-time distance-speed readings of your workouts. Moreover, this GPS tracker allows you to track 10 different sports. 

Along with working out, eating right is the key. Having foods rich in fiber and nutrients are the way to go. Along with this, a significant component of a healthy diet includes drinking sufficient amounts of water still we often forget about this part. The lack of water can hinder the nutrient absorption process which renders your diet and workouts useless. Moreover, there are always times where we feel lazy and don’t feel like working out. This Bluetooth tracker has sedentary reminders which nudges you to be up and about. 

ColorFit Nav promises to be a fitness coach, we decided to fit in 24/7 heart rate tracking, wake up gestures and sleep monitoring. Since hygiene is of utmost important amidst the pandemic, it also has a built-in hand wash reminder. 

Health is both mental and physical, therefore, the NoiseFit Nav has the Breathe mode to help you unwind when life hits you a little too hard.  

Noise Tune Active:

For those who intend to shift to Bluetooth earbuds but skeptical about going wireless, this one is for you. This device satisfies your security needs without compromising on your workouts or health. The Noise Tune Active is a Bluetooth neckband earphones with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for better sound quality, stable pairing and minimum audio lag. 

It is super lightweight because the only ‘weight lifting’ we want you to be doing is in the gym, crushing that one extra set. 

Although light in weight, it is heavy on battery life that provides the user with 10 hours of playtime without a recharge. 

The earbuds have hold silicone tips to give you the extra security while you jump or run. It also has an IPX5 rating that makes it water-resistant and you immune to all your water damage worries. 

The controls lie on the neckband making it easier to control your music, calls and volume, added to the dual pairing mode- connecting to two different devices simultaneously and is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant. 

If you have the right knowledge and guidance, striking a balance between a diet and a workout isn’t that tough after all.

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