What makes Noise Shots Rush your perfect home workout gadget?

Posted on June 15 2020

Noise Shots Rush your perfect home workout gadget

Let's be honest, working out is tough and anybody who tells you otherwise is taking you for a painful ride. But just because it's tough doesn't mean it won't get easy later. Music plays a vital role in making it. And with that earbuds come into play.

The latest Noise Shots Rush sports wireless earbuds have become a hot favorite among all the workout freaks and, more so, in this time of home workouts.

Why? Well, because of its features that have been designed, keeping the fitness enthusiasts in mind. Let's show you what Shots Rush has to offer as the perfect home workout earbuds.


For any wireless earbuds to be taken seriously as a sport-earbuds, at the first look, the design has to reflect mobility feature. Shots Rush, truly wireless earbuds come with soft and flexible silicone ear hooks that keep the buds in place. Moreover, the earbuds are ergonomically designed to keep them super secure inside the ear to ensure maximum freedom without any risk of dislodging and falling out during intense workouts.


No sweat, no gain. But if you are worried about damaging the earbuds due to sweat or rain during a workout, you won't be able to push your limits. That's why Shots Rush comes with an IPX5 waterproof rating which makes it resistant to water splash and sweat damage and encourages you to turn on your beast mode and crush those fitness goals.

EQ Modes

Speaking of beast mode, the Shots Rush comes with 3 EQ pre-set modes, classic, pop and rock so you can choose your music, set your pace and workout to your heart's content.

A Week's Worth of Playtime

Imagine pumping to your jam and then hearing the dreaded battery low prompt. It serves as such a workout mood damper, doesn't it? But with Shots Rush, you can say goodbye to your battery low woes as it comes with a 6-hour playtime on a single charge and another 3 rounds of 6 hours of playtime with the case, bringing the total playtime of up to 24 hours - that's almost a week's worth of music.

Touch Controls

The best workouts are where you are not held back by anything, be it wires, own limits or you have to pause to change tracks. Shots Rush ticks two of those things. Its truly wireless feature and the touch controls on the buds make sure that you are in control of your game without taking a break. And thanks to its compatibility with Android and iOS devices, it is convenient to get assistance at the press of a button.

Who doesn't like to dress up sharp even while working out? Nobody! And with the 3 colour options (Charcoal Grey, Quick Silver, Wine Red), Shots Rush gives you one more reason to check it out as one of your essential home workout gadgets.

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