Gadgets that make your workout easy

Posted on February 27 2020

Workout Gadgets

It’s a regular day.

You wake up and do your morning prepping routine. You head off to work, walk through the glass doors of your building jamming to your favourite tunes all set to conquer the day ahead.

But wait, the lift isn’t working today. No worries, you always got the stairs.

But guess who ends up reaching the office panting and huffing.


Conclusion? You decide ‘kal se gym pakka’

Wanting an amazing physique requires a great workout schedule. What better to track it than a set of elite gadgets! That’s where Bluetooth earphones and fitness trackers come in. These gadgets help make your workout super-efficient.

So, to make it easier for you to decide, we present to you a wide-ranging list.

Bluetooth Earphones:

When you’re working out in a gym or even going about your daily running or jogging regime, the last thing you want is tangled wires, hindering your perfect day of exercise.

However, going wireless isn’t the only thing you need to consider and settle for while purchasing wireless earphones. Bluetooth earphones propose to offer a lot of other features as well.

Let us consider the Noise Shots XO. The latest from our truly wireless series combines class and comfort in a neat and rather glamorous package.

The old black isn’t the only option to resort to when Noise Shots XO exists. Available in three magnificent metallic colors- black, white and the widely popular rose gold; the Bluetooth earphones, Noise Shots XO provide you with all the bling you need.

Moreover, such color variation isn’t just restricted to the Noise Shots XO but also extends to the Noise Shots X-Buds. These wireless earphones are available in black, teal and beautiful orange. 

Even if we do tend to consider the wireless aspect, the Noise Shots XO again wins the race. These Bluetooth earphones are the ones that can be called truly wireless earphones; even the charging is wireless!

You just place your earbuds inside the case and the case on the charging pad and voila! You’re good to go.

Talking about wireless, many people are skeptical about using wireless earbuds. Maybe it’s the fear of losing one earbud or merely the security a wire brings along.

We have Noise Tune FLEX Neckband Bluetooth headphones for your consideration. With the wires restricted to the neckband that goes around your neck, you go wired and wireless at the same time - best of both worlds!

The major reason Bluetooth earphones make for an essential workout gadget is the amount of comfort they bring with them. Talking about comfort, the neckband on these headphones is so flexible, that you won’t even feel it’s there. Say yes to all sorts of neck stretches now! Also, the neckband being so flexible helps you workout without feeling uncomfortable or restricted with a feeling of something heavy consciously hanging around your neck!

More battery life = More workout.

The whole point is to go wire-free and a long-lasting gadget means a long-lasting workout!

Noise Tune FLEX offers the user with a 12-hour playback.

Even Noise Shots XO holds a battery life of 6 hours on a single charge and of 36 hours with the charging case.

Talking about the Noise Shot X-Buds, they’re nowhere behind in the game. With battery stamina of 4 hours in earphones and 3 full charges from the case, this one stands out to be a champ.

All these products offer controls right on the earbud/neckband itself so you never have to dig in to find your phone. Not only that, they feature IPX rating from 5-7 water-resistant to waterproof ensuring that you don’t worry about damaging earbuds when you are pushing yourself hard.


Another essential every fitness freak requires is a fitness tracker.

From sensing your heart rate and monitoring your sleep to tracking your workouts, a Bluetooth smartwatch does it all for you and more.

For instance, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 allows you to track 9 different sport modes- from yoga to hiking, everything can be tracked. This fitness tracker also offers to track menstrual cycles too!

If we were to boast about the enigma the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 is, here is what else it can provide you with- 24/7 heart rate sensor, calories burned and steps taken, sedentary alarms and the breathe mode!

The breathe mode helps you control your breathing rates, ultimately controlling your stress levels.

You may be thinking of a fitness tracker that does so much, couldn’t possibly work for a long period of time. Well, we’re here to surprise you again! The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 works for more than a week so that you can work-out in peace! 

Are you an office goer? Do you need to be a part of n number of boardroom meetings requiring you to be formally dressed the whole time?

Well, a fitness tracker may seem a little unprofessional with your crisp navy-blue suit and white shirt.

But you still got to train. So do you carry two separate watches?

The answer is NO with NoiseFit Fusion thrown in.

NoiseFit Fusion is a Bluetooth smartwatch that works in analog and digital mode. The classic vintage look of the watch and the fitness tracking features make it the ultimate king of the smartwatch kingdom.

Not just looks, the NoiseFit Fusion offers many other features like water resistance up to 5ATM, an automatic left mode in case you don’t have a dominant right hand and on-screen notifications with pre-set replies.

And the battery life? 3 days in digital mode and 30 days in analog mode.

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