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Posted on November 23 2020

Workout Gadgets

The bustle of daily life often seems to undermine your fitness goals. More so when your local fitness club isn’t as inviting as it was pre pandemic.

With an increasing number of people opting for workout wearables as basic training equipment to open up their at home gyms, the inevitability is upon us.

Rather than waiting around people have resigned to this trend, creating their own personal workout stations in their living space.

From a simple yoga matt on the floor, barbells between the doors to brandishing your walls with posters of ‘Ronda Rousy’, people are seeking the motivation to workout in every capacity.

Nevertheless, the indoor trend may have you beat on occasion. How you desire that sprint in the park as you peak through your window.

Often an underrated aspect to home work out regimes, wearable technology is steadily turning into a common deterrent from a pot belly. From tracking and mapping your physical metrics, to providing detailed reports on performance, there is a lot that wearable technology can accomplish.

Channel your inner ‘Rocky Balboa’, and let the final countdown ensue as you elevate your sedentary stretching routine into a full blown home workout with the following wearables.

Noise Shots Rush

Noise Shots Rush

Purposefully designed to compliment your home work out, the Noise Shots Rush is your chance to elevate your fitness regime.

With the no drop design of the ergonomic silicone ear hooks, you can be assured that they won’t fall off during an intense session. Do a headstand or cartwheel, the sports ear hooks sit comfortably around your lobe with their unique in-ear design.

Compliment such smart design with an IPX5 rating, and all you have to do is focus on performance. Repelling dust and resistant to sweat, this rugged pair of earbuds also has complete touch control, eliminating any flimsy buttons.

A contender in the race for the best wireless earbuds 2020; it is supported by Bluetooth 5.0, with which you can trigger the Google voice assistance and Siri by a simple tap and hold feature.

Noise Fit Evolve

Pose with the trendy Noise Fit Evolve for that customary social media workout selfie.

From being your personal fitness tracker, to assisting your sleep and offering 24/7 heart rate monitoring, achieve all your fitness goals.

Track every step and burned calorie with live updates. Customize alerts to get reminders to stay hydrated and avoid being sedentary.

The 9 multi-sports modes can assist you in training indoors regardless whether you are in to yoga, indoor cycling or just some light stretching.

Ranking among the best smartwatches for workouts, it combines sporty aesthetic with robust design.

Its 1.2 inch fully touch integrated AMOLED display ensures that you have clear viewing angles even with sweat glistening from your eyes.

Noise Air Buds

Noise Airbuds

Energise your exercise regime by opting for one of the best true wireless earbuds.

A feather light feel and clean, premium design is complimented by a 13mm speaker driver capable of producing deep, balanced sound.

Its IPX4 rating allows you to concentrate on outdoing your personal best, as you sweat it out with every increasing rep.

The Noise Air Buds come with a lasting 20 hour battery life and ergonomics designed for convenience; you can play/pause music, adjust the volume and attend to calls amidst your workout.

You no longer have to grumble about how drab the songs are at the local gym; at home workouts power us all to sweat it out to the beat of our choice.

Noise ColorFit Nav

Colorfit NAV

A Bluetooth smartwatch allows you a deep dive into the statistics and metrics of your home work out. The Noise ColorFit Nav is primed to be your workout companion no matter your preferred routine.

Complete with 3D motion tracking, a built in GPS and a 6 axis sensor, you can get real time updates and progress reports on your activity.

Further, the integrated 10 sports modes are personalized to assist you during indoor walking, running and cycling, as well as during yoga, strength training and dancing.

If you feel the need to step out on occasion, you can enable its speed and distance tracking, complete with route map visualization to monitor your regime and increase efficiency.

Among the best smartwatches in India, its IP68 rating ensures that sweat and dust do not hamper performance. You can even set periodic hand wash reminders before and after your home work out to keep germs at bay.

Slacking off is no longer an option when you integrate such smart technology with your fitness regime. Take charge of your body and usher in to your healthiest self.

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