Understanding IPX Ratings and what it means for our products

Posted on October 17 2020

Waterproof rated

Whenever one is looking for a new gadget, terms like waterproof and water resistant are thrown around as if the prospective buyers knows about it. Chances are that one may not even heard about these terms before their first purchase.

Now though products are often termed as waterproof or water-resistant, these products have a rating associated with them like IPX4 or IPX5. These ratings are what defines whether the product is waterproof or water-resistant.


The IP in IPX is the Ingress Protection or more commonly as International Protection Marking. This an internationally accepted standard scale that rates and classifies the degree of protection provided by the device against water and dust.

The numbers right after the IP indicates the level of protection against solids and after that indicates the level of protection water which means higher the number, better the protection.

To make things simple, we have made a tabular form so that you can understand the various ratings and values associated with them.

Solid or Dust-Resistance


No protection from any outside objects


Protected from objects 55mm or larger


Protected from objects 12.5mm or larger


Protected from objects 2.5mm or larger


Protected from objects 1mm or larger


Protected from dust that may interfere with the general operation


Completely dust resistant


Liquid or Water-Resistance


No protection against water


Protected from water droplets for up to 10 minutes.


Protected from water droplets from different direction up to 10 minutes.


Protected from water being sprayed for at least 5 minutes.


Protected from water splashes in any direction for at least 5 minutes.


Protected from water spray in any direction for at least 3 minutes


Protected from strong water spray of water in any direction for at least 3 minutes


Protected from being completely submerged under water for at least 1 meter for at least 30 minutes.


Gadgets with an IP67 or 68 rating ensures that they can be used bear the daily dust and grime. These ratings are generally used with smart wearables which get more than their fare share of sweat and dust.

Gadgets with IPX7 and above rating means that they are completely waterproof and can withstand rain, water splashes and be used during shower as well. They are generally associated with audio devices as they face the maximum brunt in the form of sweat and rain.

But with that being said, these ratings do not give these gadgets full immunity to any water damage they need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly after every use to extend their life.

These ratings ensure certain degree of protection against plain old water but it does not stand much chance when it comes to steam, soapy or salty water; so, its always a good idea to not use these devices in sauna, shower or out in the sea.

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