Yoga Asana(s): The new addition to workouts

Posted on September 24 2020

Yoga Asana

Yoga has been an invaluable gift of our ancient Indian tradition. India, known as the Land of Yoga, has always promoted yoga and its numerous health benefits. It is known to bring a union between the physical state and mental consciousness; yoga has benefits both mental and physical health.   

Read on to know a few yoga asana(s) that help you unwind and stay fit. 

Child's pose (balasana):

Childpose Yoga

One of the most popular 'cool off' exercises post-workout, the child's pose, helps you unwind and relax your body. Even though it is seen as a relaxing pose, it is packed with health benefits. 

You can enter the pose by kneeling on the ground with your hands extended forward, spreading the knees apart while the toes keep touching and lowering the torso between the thighs. 


Stretches the lower back and shoulders and opens up the hips

Cools down the body after an intense workout or a tough yoga class Stimulates digestion and helps fight insomnia 

A cup of chamomile tea with the child's pose and you can kiss sleepless nights goodbye!   

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Cow face pose (Gomukhasana):

Cow face pose Gomukhasana

To enter this asana, sit down on the ground with your legs stretched forward. Now fold the left leg at the knee and sit on the left foot. After this, fold the right leg and keep the right thigh on the left thigh with your hands' help. 

Follow this with folding your left arm behind your back over the shoulder. Fold the right arm behind the back under the right shoulder. Now hold your hands together behind your back and voila! You're in the cow face pose. 

It may sound a little tough to do but it's all worth it.


Makes the leg muscles strong and keeps the functioning of shoulders and joints healthy and flexible. 

Improves the functions of the lungs.  

Helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

The diamond pose (Vajrasana):

The diamond pose

Being healthy includes taking care of your mental health too. 

But with the ongoing pandemic, lockdown and the resultant sudden disruption in life and lack of social contact have harmed our mental health. Hence, the diamond or the meditative pose/asana

Kneel on the ground with your toes stretched backward and touching the ground. Place your palms on your knees. At this time, the breathing should be deep, even, slow and concentrated. Then, expand your chest forward and pull your abdominal portion inwards. 


Helps improve memory power

Relieves mental stress

Cures any postural defects, we didn't think yoga could do this too but we stand corrected

Helpful in curing back pain and chest diseases

Alleviates problems related to menstruation 

Increases efficiency of the digestive system 

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Warrior (Virabhadhrasana):

Warrior (Virabhadhrasana)

This asana is differentiated into two parts- Virabhadrasana 1 and Virabhadrasana 2. This asana is for those who have had a hectic day- which most of us do. This pose helps you relax both body and mind.  

You begin this asana by standing upright and bend your right leg at a 90-degree angle in the front. Following this, you stretch your left leg backward. Stretch your hands over your head in the Namaste pose and you're done! 


Stretches your entire body and allows you to relax

Strengthens your knees and legs muscles   

Stretches your shoulders and spines to prevent accumulation of stress

Improves your focus power  

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Triangle (Trikonasana): 

Triangle (Trikonasana)

To get into this asana, stand straight with your feet comfortably apart. Extend your right leg outwards at about 90 degrees and left leg at about 15 degrees. Now ensure that the heel of your right foot is aligned with the center (arch) of your left foot, maintain body weight equally on both feet. Inhale and as you exhale, bend your body to the right, allowing your left hand to come up while your right-hand goes down. Keep both arms in a straight line. 

Seems like a tricky one eh? The benefits you'll now read will make you want to do it right away!  


Relaxes the body and the mind 

Improves digestion 

Reduces stress, anxiety and back pain  

Strengthens the back, knees, shoulders, arms and chest 

Yoga has a lot of benefits; all of them can create wonders-physically and mentally. 'Yoga to' try this, it feels amazing!

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