What makes Noise Shots NUVO your best truly wireless choice?

Posted on July 16 2020

Noise Shots Nuvo

Every person has different likes and dislikes. We're always making alternate choices, choosing one and discarding the other. But one thing everyone always chooses is music. 

Since music is such an integral part, you sure deserve the perfect device to feel your tunes and that's why Noise Shots NUVO truly wireless earbuds is your perfect go-to. These truly wireless earphones with its abundant features are your best investment in the best wireless earphones available online.

Take a look:

Compact and Comfortable: 

No one likes to carry around heavy earphone charging case or feel a pair of super heavy earphones in the ears; after all, the only thing earphones should be heavy on is the bass!

The Noise Shots NUVO wireless earphones and their charging case have been intently designed to be super comfortable and extremely lightweight, not only for your pocket but also on your ears.

The Noise kept their earphones light and comfortable, so that you can lift heavy through your workout sessions!


Battery life:

Most people hesitate while considering the switch from wired to wireless earphones. One of the major reasons is the fact that truly wireless earbuds need frequent charging.

But this issue can be put to rest by making the correct choice with your devices; choose a pair of wireless earbuds that offer a great battery life. And with this in mind, Noise decided to come up with Shots NUVO the truly wireless earbuds with a 4-hour playtime when it's fully charged and an added 28 hours with the charging case. 

To make it even better, with the Noise Shots NUVO, you get 80 minutes of music with just 10 minutes of charging, thanks to the fast charging. So even if you're running late and forgot to charge it last night, your truly wireless earbuds are ready to go with you while you get dressed for the day!


The latest of everything:

The Noise Shots NUVO truly proves to be the best wireless earbuds online, given that they provide the user with all the latest technology. Being powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the truly wireless earbuds almost instantly auto-pair and, of course, provide a better, stable range with minimum audio lag.

So you can dig for that ice-cream in that freezer while your laptop rests on the bed, while you still hear about the professor's new plan for the heist. 

While we can't control the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns and unlocks, one thing that's in your control would be your music.

With the multi-function button for adjusting volume, controlling playback- play, pause and browse through your tracks, and even managing calls, you got all the control quite literally on the tip of your fingers.

Now all you have do is tap on your Noise Shots NUVO earbud to answer a call while simultaneously write that email on your laptop, never needing to take that phone out again.

The add ons:

If that wasn't enough to convince you that the Noise Shots NUVO are the best wireless earbuds online, check this out- your truly wireless earbuds are super compatible with voice assistants. So irrespective of whether you're an Apple loyalist or an Android lover, the Noise Shots NUVO are here to end the age-long debate of which is better by being compatible with both Siri and Google assistant!

With all of these features and upgrades, Noise Shots Nuvo surely wins the race.

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