Things you need to know about ColorFit Nav smartwatch

Posted on September 17 2020

ColorFit Nav smartwatch

Thinking about getting the brand new Noise ColorFit Nav for yourself but can't decide if it is worth the effort and money? Well, we are here to tell you - It is. 

Why? Because it's one of the Bluetooth smartwatches that really cares about you. 

We have paid close attention to what you need to keep yourself fit and provide some of those in this sleek and stylish smartwatch. 

Read on to know more.

Track your workout accurately 

The whole point of a smartwatch is to upgrade your lifestyle and one of the best ways to do is by taking care of your health. A smartwatch that tells you the progress you've made in terms of your fitness is worth giving a second look. 

Now ColorFit Nav smartwatch comes with an inbuilt GPS tracker that tracks your run, walk, real-time speed, records the path and gives accurate health updates. Plus, the sports modes that feature indoor and outdoor workouts do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to tracing your workout.

Wash your hands 

Sanitization has always been an integral part of life and now even more so. Nav comes with a hand wash reminder that you can set at regular intervals. This feature is quite handy for those who work outdoors and have to be mindful but in all honesty are forgetful. You can set the reminder and choose the duration of the handwash and let the watch take over. 

Stretch those legs

With mounting pressure at work-from-home and tea/coffee breaks almost cut out from our lives, our life has become even more sedentary. This obviously is not a good thing in the long run for our health. That's why we have added Sedentary reminders in ColorFit Nav so that even if we may forget to take a little break now and then, the smartwatch would nudge us gently to take a walk and take care of ourselves.  

Workout socially-distant 

Many of us have adhered to the social distancing norm under every circumstance. But when it comes to workout, for some, it's buddy activity but given the situation it is not a wise decision. That's why Noise ColorFit Nav has come up with the feature that lets you compete with your friends via the NoiseFit X app. All you have to do is follow your (ColorFit Nav wearing) friend on the Leader's broad and see the progress they have made and compete with them. 

Take a break   

Want to get some screen-break but can't because of an important work call or mail? ColorFit Nav has got your back. As long as your phone is connected with your smartphone (within a reasonable range), you can take the much-needed break from the blue screen. And when you do get the mail or call, you'll get notified of it, right on your wrist. Plus, you can also revert to SMS with the quick reply option write from the watch without needing your phone. However, that feature is currently available in Android smartphones only.  

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