Working out: 10 safe practices to optimise your routine

Posted on December 05 2020

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 Whether you work out at the gym, or at home, following safe workout practices, and accompanying it with healthy eating habits is critical to any fitness regime.

Just a few things to keep in mind and you’re good to go!

Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking water during exercising helps one maintain the energy levels for performing strenuous routines. Water helps you regulate your body temperature. Such regulation is of essence since your body gets heated up during a workout session. Keeping the temperature balanced helps ease fatigue.

Take Breaks: Taking breaks between different routines and sets is essential. It helps the body to stabilize breathing, and prepares you for the increasing intensity of the next exercise. Listening to music on your wireless earbuds between breaks can help you get in the workout groove.

Warm up: Take at least 5-10 minutes to warm your body up before you commence. Warming up prepares and opens up the joints and muscles in order to avoid strain from extreme exercise or weight lifting. Not only is warming up essential for gym workouts, it is imperative before yoga or playing sports. Even if you plan on doing just a few push ups, squats and finish off with lunges – a few minutes to warm up your body are integral. Popular warm up routines involve on the spot running, jogging, jumping jacks and light stretching.

Appropriate clothing: Wearing clothes that do not hamper your exercise is essential. The wrong kind of clothing can prove to be an obstruction in picking up weights, or performing Swiss ball exercises. Go for lose fit, sweat friendly attire. The right shoes are also important in providing a strong, balanced center of gravity, through running or power lifting. 

Food intake: Having a balanced meal determines how effective your workout is going to be. Intensive work out, minus a calorie rich diet will fast rack your way to injury. Striking a balance between food, exercise and rest is the key for prolonged success.

Micro diets: Having foods rich in micros (vitamins and minerals) is important. Balancing micros with the right carbs and proteins will ensure that you are always energised. Micro diets aid in optimal nutrient absorption. Micro consumption bears the best fruit when accompanied by the correct macro intake.

Correct posture: Having the correct posture, particularly during strength training is imperative. The wrong form can exert additional pressure on muscles, leading to stress fractures, ruptures and even chronic pain in joints. Consult your trainer and start with light weights. Once you have the form down, proceed to increase the weight and intensity gradually. 

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Focus on rest: You’re bound to be a little gym sore the more you workout. Identifying the breaking point of your joints is important. Pain and soreness is your body’s way of asking for rest. Take a day off, and allow your limbs to rejuvenate. Your revitalized body will only increase your efficiency in the days to follow.

Ease into it: First time gym goers must have a gradual approach to fitness. Alternatively, if you are coming back from a drawn out break, the idea is to begin with easier exercises and lighter weights. Putting sudden strain on your body, can lead to muscle tears and stress fractures.

Cool off: As important as warming up is, cooling your body down is of equal importance, regardless whether you had an intense, or light workout. Cool down dissipates the excess heat in your body, slowing down your breathing and regulating your heart beat. Stretching is one of the best forms of cooling down, and an excellent deterrent to chronic pain and injury.

By incorporating the right techniques and following the above tips, you can give your daily workout regime a leg up.

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