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Posted on May 29 2020

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are no longer an anomaly. With more and more smartphones opting for the jack-less feature, they are the way to go.

True, these earbuds deliver freedom from wires but given the many options present in the market, we have come to expect a lot more from them. And with a wide range of audiences to target, it has become equally important for brands to cater to these needs.

Not to miss out, Noise has launched a series of wireless earbuds in the market- Shots Rush, Shots X5 PRO and Shots XO. Though launched under the same banner, these wireless pieces of beauties are meant for people leading different lifestyles.

Let's take a look at what these wireless earbuds have to offer.

Noise Shots Rush

By the looks of it, Noise Shots Rush gives an impression of the perfect sports wireless earbuds. They come with ergonomically designed silicone ear hooks that sit around your ears comfortably, ensuring the super-secure fit that stays throughout the day and comes off only when you want it to.

Shots Rush has an incredible playtime of 24 hours (that's 6 hours on a single charge and an additional 18 hours) with the charging case. These earbuds come with touch controls on the earbuds which mean once paired, you don't even have to take your phone out except for maybe to check messages or other notification but if you have one of the fantastic Noise smartwatches, you don't even have to do that.

They come with dedicated equalizer sound mode (pop, rock and classic) and a gaming mode that delivers low latency when you are playing the gaming mode.

Speaking of gaming, these earbuds promise up to 80 milliseconds low latency, which is quite lower as per the industry standards, making them quite useful for all the other gamers out there in the market.

These particular wireless earbuds cater to athletes, gym freaks or people who are living an active or fast lifestyle and are looking for security and stability in their earphones. So, all you feel is the rush, whether you are running, hitting the gym or hitting your target and winning the chicken dinner in the next round of PUBG.

Also, these earbuds don't compromise when it comes to style and come in 3 colour options - Wine Red, Silver Grey and Charcoal Black.

Noise Shots X5 PRO

The next one up is Noise Shots X5 PRO with the tagline better than ever. First look and you can see it hasn't changed much from its predecessor Shots X5 CHARGE. However, the lack of change is only up to the surface; in fact, it has comes with quite a bit of useful upgrades.

These earbuds come with the latest Qualcomm chip-set which takes care of the Bluetooth stability and connectivity along with the battery life.

As far as the sound is concerned, aptX and AAC code ensure that earbuds deliver Hi-fi sound for 8 hours on a single charge and a marathon 150 hours with the charging case. Now that's almost a month of playtime, something that's unheard of. To add even more to the up gradation list, these earbuds feature touch controls that tits predecessor didn't have.

The earbuds also come with an IPX7 waterproof rating which gives something to the gym-goers and daily hustlers to celebrate as they can sweat without worrying about damaging the earbuds (such a blessing in this hot weather).

Apart from that, the X5 PRO case retains its widely popular feature of doubling up as the power bank for other devices but this time, it comes with Type-C charging port to charge itself.

Noise Shots XO

This one is beauty with all the brains. Noise Shots XO lends that effortless style that one is always looking for. These gorgeous earbuds come in a chic round case that swivels to open and close.

These earbuds feature a metallic finish and are as stylish as intuitive. It just takes a few taps to get the earbuds to do as you command.

Powered by Qualcomm aptX, these earbuds promise to deliver HD sound that's further supported by environmental noise cancellation to make sure all you hear is music with minimum distractions. As for the playtime, these deliver 6 hours on a single charge and can easily recharge the earbuds another 5 times, bringing the total to 36 hours of excellent sound.

Now these earbuds have followed the truly wireless feature to the core and have come up with wireless charging. So as long as you have a QI compatible charging pad, you don't even have to struggle to plug in the charging cord inside the case, all you have to do is place the case on the pad and let the pad take over.

These earbuds also have an IPX7 waterproof rating that ensures that you don't have anything to worry about in the little rain or sweat.

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