Optimise your runs with these 3 running watches from Noise

Posted on January 11 2021

Noise Smartwatches
Gone are the days when you needed your buddy or coach, to time your progress on the bulky stopwatch, while simultaneously charting down performance numbers on a graph paper.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, smartwatches that aid in tracking your runs have entered the mainframe, taking precedence as foremost fitness companions.

Our range of smartwatches at Noise offer dedicated fitness tracking, whether you choose to clock in those miles on a treadmill, or run a few laps around the local circuit.

Offering a flurry of features that are designed to assist your daily runs, you can even venture into other forms of fitness to round of your efforts.

Serving as reliable and trendy running assistants, check out the following 3 smart wearables from Noise.

ColorFit Nav
Colorfit NAV

Committed to elevate your running regime, The ColorFit Nav is hyper focused to the needs of amateur and professional athletes alike. Offering a buffet of smart features, it comes with a built in GPS tracker and a 6 axis sensor, to monitor and measure your daily progress.

3D motion tracking allows it to give you real time updates on distance covered and speed. Furthermore with the addition of route map visualization on this GPS smartwatch, runners can create dedicated paths, visualize their progress and map out challenging stomping grounds to test their endurance.

With its ability to create customizable running goals, go above and beyond with 10 sports modes. From general gym training to yoga, to playing badminton - balance your runs with a different form of exercise occasionally.

Avoid wear and tear, by getting updates from its 24/7 heart rate monitor and sleep monitor, while managing stress levels via its Breathe Mode.

ColorFit Pro 2
Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Adding a flare of style to your running ambitions, this 1.3“ Full Touch, fitness smartwatch offers a variety of running features backed by an equally diverse aesthetic. Available in 7 unique shades, splash in a bit of your personality by complementing your strap, with its many swappable watch-faces to wear on the daily.

Along with being able to personalizing your watch, it offers 9 sports modes designed to assist you during running, cycling, climbing, hiking, working out and performing yoga.

Through your runs, you can maintain daily progress charts, earn trophies and share your results with friends on social media, by downloading the NoiseFit app. Apart from tracking your runs, you can even measure the amount of calories burned post each workout.

Making overtime observations can give you insight into natural running tendencies, yours body’s response to the grind, and additional metrics to assess performance.

NoiseFit Endure
NoiseFit Endure

Built to last through a vigorous training regime, this sports smartwatch can assist you in running and more. Catered to sports enthusiasts, its lightweight design and IP68 water proof rating make it a reliable running companion.

Complete with 9 sports modes, this rugged, round dial smartwatch can bolster several different fitness routines. With a battery that lasts 20 days on full charge, manage bi-weekly progress and challenge yourself by pushing past your personal best.

Constantly creating new milestones, this smartwatch can track your daily runs, giving you insight into the distance covered, time taken and overall performance. You can pace yourself as per the observations, thereby improving your conditioning for future runs.

No matter whether you are preparing for a marathon or trying to lose weight, this smart accessory can endure your grind, optimizing performance in the long term.

So what are you waiting for? Fuel your running regime, by getting your hands on such a reliable running assistant from Noise.

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