How can Colorfit Nav make your life convenient?

Posted on August 21 2020

Colorfit NAV

During this nationwide lockdown, one thing we all realized (apart from the necessity of a Netflix account) is that technology is a necessity and not a luxury. With even the governmental procedures happening through video calls and the importance of the video conferencing app suddenly skyrocketing, it is undoubtedly evident that technology would be a definite part of the future.
Having said this, we decided to materialize good technology further. With our new Colorfit Nav smartwatch, we’re here to tell you how the makes life easier for you.

Smart looks with smart features:

When we talk about beauty with brains, Colorfit Nav smartwatch comes close to it. This Bluetooth smartwatch is loaded with features and is breathtaking to put on your wrist.

It is a smartwatch with an inbuilt GPS tracker that tracks real-time distance-speed readings of your workouts. Moreover, this Bluetooth smartwatch allows you to track 10 different sports.

Now whether its strength training, running or even your unplanned dancing sessions to pumped up Punjabi beats, the Colorfit Nav tracks it all for you.

And talking about smart looks, the Colorfit Nav stages a 1.4” LCD with a 320x320-pixel resolution and is smudge-resistant to give you crystal clear picture. Oh, and did we mention customizable font sizes?

Moreover, this Bluetooth smartwatch is available in two colors- Stealth Black and Camo Green.

Your personal health coach:

Keeping fit is a basic essential, and ColorFit Nav helps you crush your workout and health goals in general. The Bluetooth smartwatch brings a built-in optical HR sensor, real-time speed and distance tracking and route map visualization. So you can train like a beast and leave the tracking part to this beauty!

And when you feel the brunt of life hitting you, unwind with the Breathe mode- relax, quite literally with a tap on your screen.

Since the Colorfit Nav promises to be your personal fitness coach, we added the 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep monitor and sedentary reminders to give you the occasional nudge your body needs on ‘Netflix in bed all day’ kind of days. The smartwatch also has the ‘do not disturb mode’ so that you can understand the whole storyline of Dark, without disturbances.

Now that the new accessories and lifestyle ways involve hand sanitizers and masks, we knew we had to do something to include this change even in the devices you used in your day to day life.

So we added a hand sanitizer reminder! Now your watch will tell you to sanitize your hands. Your safety quite literally IN and ON your hands now!

Supreme add ons:

Here are some things that this Bluetooth smartwatch can do for you.

You get to choose a new watch face every day with the extensive options of watch displays loaded in this compact device. Moreover, you get calls and text alerts right on your wrist and quick replies for SMS.

Apart from that you also get low battery reminder, screen brightness, remote camera and music control, wrist orientation, calendar reminders.

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