Bigger. Faster. Smarter.

Meet your all new and improved fitness partner – ColorFit Pro Fitness band. Perfect blend of stylish design
with advanced health features and easy to read display, get regular and accurate updates on your wrist.
With a battery life of 3 days and IP68, just head out and start your fitness journey.









2,999/- 4,999/-
4,999/- 6,999/-

1.22’’ LCD colorful display


Customize Watchfaces




Blood Pressure




Training Mode




Gesture Control


3 Days Battery Life


Dafit App


IP68 Waterproof

Colorful Screen
with Durable Design

With Zinc Magnesium Alloy 9.9mm Slim body design and interchangeable Silicone straps,
its perfect for everyday style. Equipped with bigger, better and brighter 1.22’’ LCD colored
display along with Gorilla Glass 5, get colorful readable notifications
on the smart screen

Personalize your Watch Faces

Motivate yourself to become the best version of yourself with inspiring quotes or pictures as watch faces.
Simply choose any picture from your phone and set it as your watch face
(using the App).

Swim Proof

With IP68 waterproof feature, start working on your swim strokes in up to 1.5 meters of water (for up to half an hour).

Get your Training Mode on

With the Training Mode, get detailed information for steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, while you walk, run,
cycle, skip, play badminton, basketball or football, all on your wrist.

Stay in Touch

Focus on the task at hand as you get informed of calls, messages and other push notifications with silent vibrations on your wrist.

Flip your wrist

Want to check the latest updates, simply flip your wrist to switch on your screen and check out the latest alerts.

Get Alerts

Whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle, want to find your lost band or simply set an alarm, do it all from the app and get regular reminders on your fitness band.

Tap to Click,
Tap to Play

Want to click pictures from your smartphone but can’t reach it? Fret not, just choose the Shutter feature on ColorFit Pro and tap to click!

Now change your songs mid activity without taking your phone out, simply tap to play, pause or change your song!

3 Days Battery Life
& 12 days Stand By

Enjoy up to 3 days of battery life with heavy duty usage and standby time of 12 days, so you can keep tabs on your fitness without frequent charge.

Da Fit App

Compatible with Android (4.4 & above) and iOS (9.0 & above) devices, just download the Da Fit App and sync your smartphone with Bluetooth Connectivity to change watch faces, find your smartphone, control your smartphone camera and music player remotely, set daily step goals, sedentary reminders, alarms, get weather updates and much more.

1 YEAR Limited

Our products go through multiple levels of Quality Check to ensure that you get the best. But in case, you have any issue with the product, we provide 1 year of manufacturer warranty and excellent customer service.


Does ColorFit Pro give an accurate count of calories burnt?

Yes, it does.

Can ColorFit be used while swimming?

Noise ColorFit Pro is IP68 certified but you cannot use it while swimming. However, you can take it up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

How do I charge if I do not have a laptop any alternative?

Noise ColorFit Pro can be charged with a charging pin that can be clipped to the fitness band and plug the USB end to the adapter.

Can we see weather report?

Yes, you can check weather as long as the ColorFit Pro Fitness tracker is synced with Da Fit app in your smartphone phone’s location services and internet turned on.

Is it compatible with One Plus 6?

ColorFit Pro is compatible with Android 4.4 & above devices.

Is ColorFit water proof?

ColorFit Pro is water resistant. It cannot be taken during swims but it can withstand water in up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

What's the name of app for Android phone?

The name of the app is Da Fit.

Can I take photo with it?

ColorFit Pro is not equipped with a camera. However, it comes with a remote camera feature that can be used to control the smartphone’s camera remotely to click pictures.

Can I use this watch to watch my photos?

No, ColorFit Pro does not have a gallery to view photos.

Does this watch synchronize the sleep if app is not connected?

Yes, it does synchronize as the Sleep Monitor feature is in the device.

Is ColorFit compatible with iPhone?

ColorFit Pro is compatible with iOS 9 and above.

Can we reject calls from the band?

Yes, you can reject calls by long pressing the touch panel

How much Mega pixel camera?

ColorFit Pro does not come with a camera.

Does it have a Pedometer?

Yes, ColorFit Pro comes with a pedometer.

What is the warranty on ColorFit/ColorFit Pro?

ColorFit Pro comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery.

Does it have calorie meter?

Yes, it does. Pedometer will give you an accurate calorie burn.

Do it really tests blood pressure?

ColorFit Pro can measure the blood pressure. However, the reading is for reference only and is not recommended to be used as medical data.

Does it fit to kids?

It can be worn by anyone. The dimensions of the straps are 20.5*1.5*0.1.

Does it have phone tracking option?

No, you cannot find your phone through ColorFit Pro band. However, you can choose the Find Device setting in the Da Fit app to find your band.

Can you please tell me how to start this device?

You can follow the link to see how you can start the device.

What are the accessories included with ColorFit?

ColorFit Pro comes with a user manual and a charging cable attached to a charging deck.

What if the strap gets damaged where i can buy a replacement strap?

Drop us a mail at withi the request for ColorFit Pro bands.

What is the battery backup?

ColorFit Pro delivers up to 3 days of battery life with heavy duty usage.*
*Power consumption depends on many factors, including operating temperature, features in use, vibration frequency, display brightness, charging pattern and other application usage patterns.

Does it show notifications from social networking apps?

Yes, it does show push notification for the social networking apps that have been synced with the Da Fit App.

Does ColorFit Pro have a Cycling mode?

Yes, ColorFit Pro comes with a separate Cycling mode in its Training mode.

Does ColorFit have Gesture Control?

Yes, ColorFit Pro comes with a gesture control to switch on the screen.

I am not able to see the caller information. i have connected to da fit app then also. i receive what'sapp updates but no information on calls coming

Turn on the call notification on the Da Fit app to see the incoming call information.

How can I reject the calls from ColorFit?

You can reject calls from ColorFit. Long press on the touch panel to reject.

Can I make a calls through ColorFit Pro?

No, you cannot make calls from ColorFit Pro.

Is ColorFit waterproof and sweatproof?

ColorFit Pro is water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. However, it is sweatproof.

Can ColorFit store and play music?

No, ColorFit does not store music. It has a remote music player feature that can be used as a remote to control the smartphone’s music player once synced with the Da Fit app in your phone.

Can it play music to Bluetooth headset?

No, it cannot play music through Bluetooth headset.

I know we cannot receive calls from watch but can we silent the call or we are just getting notified ?

You’ll get notified of the calls on ColorFit Pro fitness band once the watch has been synced with the Da Fit app in your smartphone. Since the band is on silent vibration notification mode, no need to silent it.

I get it that it shows notification for messages and calls but can we read it in watch or just it is for notifying?

You’ll get notified of the messages on ColorFit Pro fitness band once the watch has been synced with the Da Fit app in your smartphone. You can read the last 3 messages on the band through message settings.

Can I hear music on this ColorFit Pro?

No, you cannot hear music from ColorFit Pro. It comes with a remote music player that can be used to control the Music Player of the smartphone once synced with the Da Fit App.

What is the battery capacity and stand by time?

ColorFit Pro comes with a battery capacity of 150mAh that delivers up to 3 days of battery life and 12 days of standby.

Does it have full touchscreen display?

No, ColorFit Pro does not have a full touchscreen display. It has a touch panel.

I have a small wrist size will it fit mine or do I need a different strap?

ColorFit Pro straps comes with multiple holes that can be used to adjust the fitness of the band. The dimensions of the straps are 20.5*1.5*0.1.

The BP and heart rate monitor is that automatic or we have to run each time manually?

You can turn on the Heart Rate monitor to automatic mode via the app. However, you’ll have to turn on the BP monitor manually.

How to see weather?

Sync your ColorFit Pro with the Da Fit app in the smartphone and choose the weather feature on the band to see the weather.

Can we change watch face?

Yes, you can change the default watch faces through the band. You can even customize the watch faces from the phone’s pictures through Da Fit app.

How does it show the steps and time? By twisting the wrist or touch?

You can see the time just flipping the wrist. As for pedometer, you can tap the pedometer to get detailed information of steps taken, distance covered and calories burned.

When will extra strap in stock?

ColorFit Pro straps are in stock. However, they haven’t been listed. You can drop us a mail at with the request for extra straps.

Does it show the accurate steps and heart rate monitor?

Yes, it does show accurate steps through the Pedometer and heart Rate Monitor. Simply long press the Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor setting.

Does have always on screen?

No, it does not have the feature of always on screen.

Can we see messages and caller info from mobile on watch?

Yes, you can.

Does it have sensors?

Yes, it has motion sensors that turns on the watch screen with just a flip of the wrist.

Does ColorFit have GPS and WiFi?

ColorFit does not have WiFi. However, the GPS is through app only.

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Buy Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Band Online

Health is wealth. But given the unhealthy and hectic lifestyle that we lead, it is crucial to get a piece of technology that not only keeps track of all our activities but also keeps motivating us by sharing regular updates on the progress made. This is where fitness band comes to play. Noise has come up with ColorFit Pro fitness tracker that is simpler, faster and smarter.

Why choose Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Band?

Equipped with a bigger screen for clearer and colorful display along with a plethora of fitness features, it is the perfect blend of style and fitness. Packed with multiple health features like Pedometer, Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor, Sp02 Level checker, Sleep Monitor and Sedentary Reminder, ensures that your fitness is in right hands.

Apart from this, ColorFit Pro has also added Training mode that keeps track of steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered while you walk, run, cycle, skip, play football, basketball and badminton. So, that it functions as a Sports Band.

To ensure that the fitness tracker never leaves your side, ColorFit Pro comes with IP68 certificate so that you don’t worry about taking it out in the rain or during swim.

You will also stay connected with the world as you get alerts for calls, messages and other push notifications.

Shop Online for ColorFit Pro Fitness Tracker in India

So, set your goals, power through them and get set on your fitness journey.

Gonoise has made sure that you get the best tracker. Simply place your order online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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