Why do you need ColorFit Pro Fitness Band?

Posted on October 29 2018


After the successful launch and reception of ColorFit fitness band, we went back to the drawing board to create a fitness tracker that would surpass the previous model to ensure that it took better care of your fitness needs. This led to the birth of ColorFit Pro – the bigger, faster and smarter fitness band.

The focus while creating the band was to make it for everyone, making it simple to use and affordable.

ColorFit Pro functions as a stylish piece of accessory to own and with a plethora of fitness-focused features, it serves as the perfect fitness watch.

Additionally, its compatibility with both Android and iOS smartphones makes it one of the best health trackers in the market.

Want to know more as to what makes ColorFit Pro one of the best fitness watches, check out the reasons-

Built Quality and Stylish Design


Taking a cue from the previous model, ColorFit Pro comes with a bigger and colored screen so that you get detailed and precise updates and alerts on your wrist. Equipped with a touch panel that is smooth and responds fast to the commands, it makes it a delight to use. And, with customizable watch faces, it leaves a little to wish for.

The dial features a rounded square design with a bunch of interchangeable premium-quality Silicone straps, so you can change your style on a daily basis. Designed for daily use, the display comes with Gorilla Glass 5 Glass to protect it from daily scratches and leaving to look flawless on your wrist all day long.


Dedicated Fitness Mode


The primary purpose of ColorFit Pro activity tracker watch is to take care of your health and provide accurate along with relevant fitness progress reports. And keeping that in mind, it has a series of fitness dedicated apps like Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, SpO2 level checker, and Sleep Monitor to help you keep fit.

If you are completely dedicated to sports and don’t want to miss out on any fitness updates while playing then ColorFit Pro has been built for you. With a dedicated sports mode that includes walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, football and basketball, when paired with a smartphone, it will provide real time statistics in distance covered, calories burned and steps taken so that you can stay on top of your game.



Everyone knows that the best way to workout is by pushing your limits without anything to hold you back and less so by weather conditions - ColorFit Pro takes care of that. With its IP68, it can function with sweat, rain and underwater for up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Battery Life


What is the use of health watch, if it cannot function with you 24/7? It renders itself useless!

ColorFit Pro ensures that you don’t have any reason to complain about with its 3 days of battery life with heavy duty usage without the frantic search for a charger. With additional adjustments of screen brightness, motion sensors and more it can deliver even more battery life.


Apart from these heavy features, ColorFit Pro is equipped with motion-sensor, remote music and camera control along with stay connected feature for calls, messages and other push notifications so that you are not glued with your smartphone and spend more time working on your fitness. 

So what are you waiting for? Click here to purchase ColorFit Pro

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