Types of teachers we have all encountered and are grateful for!

Posted on September 05 2017

- by Debasmita Biswas

Gonoise | 5th Sep 2017 |

Teachers day

Growing up, the most important role that anyone has ever played in our life apart from our parents are our teachers. There is no denying that they have shaped much of our life or at the very least our belief system. Hate them or love them but there is no ignoring them and more so when you are attending their classes.

Over the years, we have come across many teachers. Here are some who have taught us valuable lessons.

Strict Teacher


We love to hate them. Their emphasis on strict code of conduct, which unfortunately even they followed, was our first introduction to decorum. They taught us the value of hard work courtesy their tough assignments and made us sweat under their scathing glare whenever we ended up making mistakes.

However, no matter their choice of weapon to get their point across, their lessons have stayed with us for life and ensured that we know how to tackle challenges with ease.

Chilled Out Teacher

They were the creme de la crème of the breed of teachers. Their chilled-out vibe would make us look forward to their precious lessons. While their unconventional teaching methods left a lasting impression on all of us and had us thinking of taking teaching as a profession at one point. Even their homework would make sure that we learned something new about life.

More often than not, they went on to become our mentor in life and taught us to take things in our stride. If we got lucky then we had at least one chilled out teacher in each year of our academic life.

Biased Teacher

Right after the best teacher comes the worst of their kind- the biased ones. You know the ones who would take one look at you and decide to hate you for life for no fault of yours. They would turn a blind eye to the failures of their favorite student while if you put a toe out of line then you would get an earful.

The only thing that they taught us that life won’t be fair just like them and we would have to make peace with that.

Overly enthusiastic Teacher

Enthu-cutlet in the world of teachers, they mean well for their students but often get carried away in their excitement. They are always on a look out to come up with the most innovative ways to keep the lessons interesting and students happy.

They are the sweetest of the bunch and you can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy when their plans fall flat.

The Motivator

Backed with a life full of experience, they have always inspired us to do better. They have believed in us more than we do and have a knack of finding out our hidden talents. And, if they feel that we are wasting our time then they would pull us by your ears on the right track.

 Truth be told, teachers rarely get their proper due but they have done a pretty darn good job raising generations after generations of capable individuals. So, this Teachers Day celebrate the unsung hero of your life and thank them for all they have done.

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