Noise Loop Smartwatch: Top Pick For Android And iOS Users

Posted on April 15 2017

- by Debasmita Biswas

Gonoise | 15th April 2017 |

Loop Smart Watch

Look around and you’ll see that most of us are engrossed in our smartphones either checking for new updates, playing games or on the off chance getting some work done. Though they have made our life a lot simpler, they are in fact an intrusion in our private life.

This is where smart watches come into play. An extension of the smartphones, they inform us about the various notifications and let us prioritize the ones that need our utmost attention.

Noise Loop is one such smartwatch that makes it possible for us to spend less time peering down our smartphones. By the bunch of features that it promises to offer, Loop assures the users that it is more than just a regular smartwatch. Let’s take a look to find out more.


Loop Smart watch Display

It goes without saying that looks are one of the most important part for any smartwatch and Noise Smart watch more than fulfills that criteria with its six watch faces. The refined design of gun colored metal house with black silicone straps makes it a must-have for style seekers. Its large display gives you access to every app you need to keep going through the day. While the tough built appeals to those who want a smartwatch that looks gorgeous but is not delicate. Another likeable addition is the switching UI that makes it a good choice for those looking for variety in their smartwatch display.



Smart watch Features

The good news with Loop smart watch is that it caters to both Android and iOS users. Equipped with an upgraded chipset, this Android and iOS smart watch boasts of improved performance. Bluetooth feature enables the users to make and answer calls, enjoy music on the go and click pictures through remote camera. While the push notifications, help you stay connected as you keep track of messages from different apps.

Healthy Edition


Loop Smart watch with Pedometer

Lets face it, our lifestyle is an unhealthy one that makes it easy for us to fall ill. As a result, there is a need for a device which will remind us to take breaks and motivate us to work on our fitness. Loop watch with its enhanced fitness features like, heart rate monitor, pedometer, sedentary reminder and sleep monitor, you can keep a track of your health. So, the next time you go on a walk or are getting ready for a long day of work, just put on your watch and let the watch take care of you.

Loop smartwatch is made for people who are on the go. Powered by battery of 280mAh, it can be used for a day approximately while it takes no more than 2 hours to fill up its juices.

For those who want to know how to use your new smart watch, just click here




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