A letter to the Mother

Posted on May 12 2017

- by Debasmita Biswas

Gonoise | 12th May 2017 |

Mothers day


This one is for the perfect ladies in the house- the one who is our solid rock in troubled times, our closest confidant, first teacher, best friend, and all the other numerous roles that she has played over the years. This one is to our Moms.

Where ever we may be, they are the ones who have stayed up all night worried sick about our well-being. There isn’t much that’s left for us to say when it comes to our mothers. And, it’s a good thing too as there isn’t enough space to express our gratitude to our protective angel.

14th May, 2017, is the Mother’s Day – one day specifically designed to pamper our mothers. Though it is not enough to express the amount of love that we have for her, but it’s a start. With our busy and demanding lifestyle, most of us can’t spend enough time with our family and more so with our mothers. More often than not we don’t even notice this.

Mothers days online

So, this Mother’s Day, we decided to go old school. Instead of going online and ordering a gift for her or booking a pampering session, we came up with the idea to write a letter where we express our feelings for her. What we imagined to be an easy task turned out to be a monumental one, considering how in this technologically advanced world we find it hard to express our feelings on a plain white sheet of paper.

But nevertheless, all of us managed to complete this feat. We expressed our feelings the best way we know how. Some of us used words, some images while some simply made something from a sheet of paper and sent it off home. This simple exercise was enjoyed by all of us as it made us think about all the nice things that we usually take for granted.

Noise Mothers Day

So, this Mother’s Day take a bit of time out to enjoy the simplest things with her and let her know in person how much she means to you. Have a happy Mother’s Day!

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