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Posted on February 25 2016

- by Surbhi Rawat

Gonoise | 25th Feb 2016 | Smart Bands

Its 6:00 A.M. in the morning and I am woken up by a buzz from my Smart Band which I bought a week ago. 7-8 hours is an optimal time sleep so I set my alarm according to it. I feel weak headed when I wake 15 min later as am used to getting up on time from the day I started using this band.

I have poor multi-tasking skills so I give myself reminders using Noise Trace (smart band). Noise Trace is compatible with my phone (android), both are in sync when it comes to managing my reminders. At 6:15, it reminds me to start my daily exercises and at 7:00 dot it vibrates again so that I can stop my session. I instantly glance my band to see how many calories I have burned. Oh!! I forgot to tell you that I have mentioned my weight, height and age in VeryFit (Noise Trace supporting app), so it recommends step count for me. Mine is 10,000 steps per day.

I am hosting a house party in two days so I’m trying to get a bit of baking done for that day, trying to bake a cake for which I laid up the ingredients the previous night. Though I’m not a great multi-tasker but I try to be one with the help of this Band. Now 15 minutes in the oven and my cake will be ready, so I set the timer in trace and do rest of my other work without even worrying that I may not hear the oven timer.

Now I take a walk to the bus stop, clocking more than 1000 steps. It is only 9 and I have barely stopped moving, thanks to my band it keeps note of all the incoming calls that my phone receives so I can manage it accordingly. I have my usual meeting at 10:30 and I’m glad that I don’t have to search for my phone and look for the time. I have already set up a 15 minutes early reminder of 10.15 because I don’t want to be late and prefer to utilize those 15 minutes by climbing the stairs, better than walking as it activates leg and back muscles that walking doesn’t.

After lunch, I still have few hours to go. I set up a reminder so that after every 60 min I get up, stretch myself and have a cup of tea or refill by bottle whatever I want to do. As soon as I sit to start my work I felt a buzz again, an incoming call from my friend (looks for my phone). These days I am not able to lose my phone as Noise Trace notifies me when I’m away from my phone for a long time.

Its 6:00 P.M- time to leave for home. I check the number of steps taken which is 6800 for now. I once again use stairs to increase my step count and head towards the bus stop. I prefer to walk as much as I can so I never use any public ride from bus stop to home. If ever I feel that my step count is low till this time then I walk for 10-15 min after reaching home. But today it is not required.

While preparing dinner I turn on to my favorite playlist-Maroon 5 and moves to and forth, enjoying the rhythm and the beats. Now what?? Had my dinner, dishes cleared, made all my arrangements for next day- time to check my today’s summary i.e. my step count, calories burnt and workout. Aaha! Finally I have been able to complete my target of 10,000 steps on this 8th day. Last night it took me 14 minutes to fall asleep, today I think I’ll be able to do sleep better as I performed better.

I’m so hooked to this band that it’s implausible to imagine my day without it.

So, how are you planning your day??

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