5 Places where you can use your action camera

Posted on April 18 2018

- by Debasmita Biswas

Doing what everybody is doing is boring. Same goes for shooting with the action cameras. Using the action camera to capture just the run-of-the-mill extreme sports shots will not do justice to the quality it can deliver.
And, keeping that in mind we have come up with the places where you can use Noise Play that involves more than just doing an extreme stunt. All you’ll have to do is just take your action camera outside, point and shoot.

Walk and Shoot


The best thing about action cameras are their size and weight, apart from its obvious quality. So, it makes sense to take them out, specially, to places where you don’t want to lug around a heavy camera. One of the best ways to experiment and get something new from your action camera is to take it on a photo walk. Apart from giving you an excellent opportunity to get some unique shots of the place, you’ll also get inspiration to try something different considering you’ll be surrounded with so many photographers.

Capturing Celebrations


Fests are all about enjoying yourself and bringing back bucket loads of memories. With the action camera by your side, you can enjoy the moment and capture them all at the same time. Just use one of the many mounts available with an action camera and hit the record.

Lights, Action, Camera at the Wedding


Though action camera is not normally associated with weddings. But that’s what the purpose of an action camera is – capturing different perspective. With the action camera handy, you can shoot the entire journey of the wedding right from leaving your place (if you are traveling to a different city) to recording the setting of the scene to capturing all the shenanigans of the festivities.

And, after all the functions are over, the entire footage can also make for a wonderful gift for the newly weds capturing the real emotions and ride of the entire journey.

Capturing the best on the Go


Vlogging takes a lot of effort. And, depending on the kind of vlogs you are making, you can choose your action camera. Especially more so if you are travelling then action camera with external mic support and great stabilizations should top your list as you’ll be capturing a lot more on the go.



With everything being said and done, at the end of the day, there is no camera better action camera to capture every part of your travel. Being compact and light weight, waterproof, shockproof and durable in nature, you don’t have to be an extra cautious about the bumps, drops and scratches that it may endure and you can enjoy your travelling excursions.

Getting yourself the new action camera is not a biggie anymore. With a plethora of brands coming up with so many affordable action cameras, all you have to do is get the one that’s perfect for you and your activities and you are good to go.

Gonoise is also launching Noise Play 2 action camera that can capture all of these and more.


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