5 Awesome Tips to make your Noise Play Action Camera Pics Stand Out

Posted on August 29 2017

- by Debasmita Biswas

Gonoise  | 29th August 2017 |

Have you ever wondered how is it so easy for some people to take amazing photographs while others struggle endlessly to take one good shot? Some may say it all depends on the camera or on the photographer, however, the truth is – it depends on both as well as a bit of technique.

So, now that you have got the good news that getting a good photograph is no rocket science, read on to know about the ways.

Bind it in a frame

Action Camera Quality Pic

 Photography is all about composition and how to place the subjects categorically to get the best image. The simplest way to do is by framing your subject. You can use a literal frame, architectural frame, environmental elements or lights and shadows to draw attention to your subject.

When it comes to action camera, the thing to remember is that they provide wide-angle shots leaving a lot of space so its a good idea to use frames and subjects to balance it. With that being said, be careful that your frame does not dominate your subject.

Time and location wait for none

Noise Play Action Camera

As they say, everything has its time, same goes for photography as well. Right time and good location can do wonders for any picture.

When we are talking about timing – lightning plays a critical role as it can single-handedly make or break any photograph. You might have the finest location and subject but if the light is not right then even your best shot will fall flat. That’s why it is important to find the right time to get the perfect shot. Majority of photographers focus on golden hour and blue hour, due to the lighting conditions. Apart from these two, there are other times as well in which you can make photography a rewarding experience.

Before looking for a location, it is important to figure out the objective of the photograph. Once the objective is defined, it is quite easy to choose the location.

With action cam, the good news is that you can experiment as much as you want with the time, location and angle of the shots. This will only help you to understand your equipment and the kind of shots that you are looking for.

What is your perspective?

Action Camera perspective

At the end of the day, photography is all about sharing your point of view with the world. The usage of accessories and the angle of shots can alter the reality suiting your needs. This is possible as the perspective in images is determined by the relative distance between objects and not the actual distance.

The true beauty of 4k action camera photography is highlighted through perspective control which can be done through different mounts. For those who want to show case point of view angle can use helmet camera mount while those showcasing the entire action-packed adventure can use waterproof action camera mount. Also, shooting from low or high angle can again change the relationship between objects giving a completely different meaning.

Variety is the spice of life

Action Camera Noise Play

Keeping up with the changing pace of life and its demands, there are different modes of shoots in any HD action camera. Depending on your mood and preference, you can change the shoot mode.

Burst Mode- To shoot images in continuous motion, burst mode is your best bet. As it will shoot images in quick succession, you can showcase a series or choose the best among the rest.

Time Lapse- From changing landscape to seasons, you can shoot anything with time lapse and tell your story vividly. This is the best way to showcase a changing phenomenon seamlessly.

Slow-motion- For those looking for something dramatic or entertaining shot can certainly shoot their subject in slow motion capturing the details and other nuances.

These are just some of the modes that you can experiment with in your action camera.

Give finishing touches

Noise Play Action Camera Image Comperision

Just like every painting needs finishing touches even photographs need the same to complete the end product. Many people think that post-processing entails hard core editing, but that is not true. In reality, it involves few touch ups to give it a finished look. Though people may argue about the need for the post processing, it entirely depends on the kind of end product that you are looking for. There are many post production editing tools that you can try your hand at.


An integral part of acquiring any skill is practice and a lot of it. Whether you want to try a new angle or shot or want to bring about finesse, keep practicing with your small action camera till the time you master your trade. Make yourself familiar with the various settings and mounts.

Action sports camera are small, have tough-built and are easy to use, so take it anywhere and shoot with it as much as you want. As long as you make your move with Noise Play action camera you will be good to go.

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