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3 Life Lessons To Learn From Krishna

Posted on August 24 2016

- by Pallavi Mukherjee

Gonoise |25th August 2016 |

Lord Krishna’s birthday is just around the corner and all of us are busy making sweets, dressing kids as Balakrishna for school functions and waiting for the clock to strike 12. Lord Krishna has always been everyone’s favourite although he never behaved like a conventional God.

Tales Of Our Beloved Krishna

As a child, he was extremely mischievous and Gopi’s would scold him all the time. He would untie calves, steal butter, throw stones at pots containing butter and yoghurt if they were out of his reach and if he was full after eating all the butter then he would feed it to the monkeys.

Although he was impish as a child and all Gopi’s would rebuke him for stealing butter and yoghurt but after seeing a beautiful child, hiding behind Yashoda and flashing his delightful smile their cries of anger would just melt into smiles of joy.

The innocent child within us never dies even at the age of 70. This child needs to be cared and loved and also reprimanded at times. Lord Krishna brings out the kid in us and gives us a break from pretending to be a grown-up.

Krishna With Gopies

As Lord Krishna grew old, he became quite popular among the ladies because of his good looks, natural charm and the ability to play the flute flawlessly. He had a huge female fan who would listen to him all day long.

In our lives, it is absolutely healthy to flirt with your girl friends or with a special person as long as you respect them, appreciate their importance and are always there for them. In life we should let go of social restrictions and listen to our heart.

We All Have Super-Powers

Lord Krishna never reveals his super powers until the hour of need. He lifted Govardhan Mountain to protect the villagers from Indra’s wrath.

Just like him, we too have myriads of strength that we often forget maybe due to pressure and expectation from our lives .This Bala Krishna’s birthday find the child in you by spending time with Krishna, celebrating his birthday with sweets and buttermilk, participating in Dahi Handi competition, gifting Krishna theme cases and letting go of all our worries and fear and living each day as our last.

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