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    • Audio

      • Speaker Driver 10mm
    • Connectivity

      • Bluetooth 5.0
      • Wireless Range 10m
      • Dual Pairing Yes
      • Auto Pairing Yes
      • BT Supported Profile HSP, HFP, AVRCP, A2DP
    • Battery & Charging

      • Playtime 10 hours
      • Standby time Up to 320 hours
      • Charging Time 30 minutes
      • Charging Indicator Yes
    • Physical Specification

      • Weight 29.8 grams
      • Dimension 35x2X2.5cm
      • Controls With remote and mic in line volume control, music and call control
      • Water Resistance Rating IPX5 water-resistant
    • Additional Features

      • Quick charging
      • Hands-free calling
      • Magnetic earbuds
      • Sporty wingtips

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    About the product

    • Can Noise Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Neckband take calls?

      Yes, you can attend calls with Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Neckband as long as it is synced with your smartphone.

    • Does Tune Active Plus have noise cancelling feature?

      Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Neckband does not come with noise cancellation feature.

    • Is Tune Active Plus waterproof/water-resistant?

      Yes, Tune Active Plus has IPX5 water-resistant rating.

    • What do the inline buttons do?

      With the multi-function button, you can play/pause the music, answer, end and reject calls and activate Siri or Google Assistant. The +/-buttons are the volume buttons which also support track changes.


    • How do I get the best sound?

      Make sure that your mobile is in a good network zone. If you are streaming music, make sure it’s from good quality streaming platforms; the music is playing at 320kbps and is within 10-metre range.

    Getting started

    • How do I pair my Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Neckband with my mobile device?

      If it is turned off, long press the multi-function button of Tune Active Plus for 6 seconds. The blinking red and blue light indicates that they are in pairing mode. Turn on the device Bluetooth and open the Bluetooth menu. Select add device and from the list of devices select Noise Tune Active Plus.

    • Can I pair two devices with my Tune Active Plus at the same time?

      Yes, you can pair two devices with your Tune Active Plus. Connect Tune Active Plus with device 1. Turn off the Bluetooth of Device 1 and connect the Tune Active Plus with device 2. Turn on Bluetooth of Device 1, both the devices will be paired and ready to be used.

      Note: When device 1 is playing music, Tune Active Plus can control the music of device 1. In order to play music in device 2, pause the music in device 1 and play music in device 2.


    • Only one bud is working, what do I do?

      Check if the non-working earbud is charged and try to reset the earbuds to connect them. If it still doesn’t work, please raise a support ticket at support.gonoise.in

    • How to reset Tune Active Plus?

      Before resetting, make sure the earbuds are charged.
      Press both the volume control buttons for 3 seconds.
      The LED will flash red, indicating that the earbuds are reset and ready to be paired again.


    • Is Tune Active Plus compatible with Bluetooth v4.2?

      Tune Active Plus is compatible with devices having Bluetooth v4.2. However, it works best with Bluetooth v5.0.

    • What is the Bluetooth range of Tune Active Plus?

      Tune Active Plus has a Bluetooth range of 10 metres without any obstruction.

    • Is it compatible with iOS devices?

      Yes, Tune Active Plus is compatible with iOS devices

    • Is it compatible with Android devices?

      Yes, Tune Active Plus is compatible with Android devices.

    • What is the Bluetooth range from the phone?

      Yes, Tune Active Plus supports Google Assistant and Siri as long as it is synced with your smartphone. To activate either of them, triple press the Multifunction button.

    Battery & Charging

    • How can I charge Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Neckband?

      You can charge your Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Neckband using USB cable. Plug in the USB end to your laptop/desktop or to a wall adaptor and micro USB port into charging point of the Neckband. Once it’s fully charged, the light will turn blue.
      Note: Use only the USB charger to charge your device.

    • How long does it take for Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Neckband to get charged?

      It takes 90 minutes for Tune Active Plust to get charged.

    • How long does the battery last in Tune Active Plus?

      The playback time of Tune Active Plus is up to 10 hours.

    Warranty Registration

    • Is there a warranty for this product?

      Yes, there is a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product.

    • Where do I register for the product warranty?

      Please follow the link to register for the warranty, https://www.gonoise.com/pages/warranty-registration


    • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. (Special discount prices are valid for a limited time period)
    • Quality of bass and loudness is subjective and may vary from person to person.
    • When watching movies or playing video games, there may be a gap between video and audio.
    • 10 hours of playtime is dependent upon other (music genre, sound volume) factors.
    • Though Bluetooth headphones are of durable quality, please treat the wires gently for long term usage.
    • Actual product may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations/picture provided.
    • IPX5 certification means it is resistant against water splashes and sweat.
    • During dual pairing mode, the last connected device will act as the active device.

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