Noise Play

  • Capture crisp and clear videos with 4k.
  • Now record your underwater sports adventure, tested up to 30 meters.
  • Stay connected with built in Wi-Fi.
  • Built for the long haul with its 130+ minutes of record time*
  • 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.
3,499/- 6,999 (46% OFF)
5 stars, based on 56 reviews.
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
  • Cash on Delivery Available
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Video Recording

4K / 30 FPS


720P / 120 FPS

Burst / Time Lapse

12MP / 30 FPS



Long Lasting Battery

130+ Minutes

Built In Wifi

Stay up to Date

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LCD screen
2 inch LCD
Image Sensor
F2.2 aperture / 170° wide-angle lens, 6G
Image processor
Allwinner V3 Chipset include 1G Hz Core, Cortex-A7 ARM
Video Recording
4K (3840*2160) 30FPS / 2.7K (2688*1520) 30FPS / 1080P (1920*1080) 60FPS / 1080P (1920*1080) 30 FPS / 720P (1280*720) 120 FPS / 720P (1280*720) 60 FPS / 720P (1280*720) 30FPS
Battery Type
Built-in 3.7V Lithium battery 1050mAh
Video Format
Video Codec
Photo Resolution
Photo Format
Choose a language
English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / Thai / Russian / Korean / Dutch / Polish
Maximum Storage
Up to 32GB
Storage Card
Micro SD-Class 10 or above
Camera mode
Single Shot / Timer Self-Timer / Auto-Shoot / Burst
Light source frequency
Auto / 50Hz / 60Hz
USB 2.0
Power Consumption
Recording time
1080P / 130 minutes **
Charging time
3 hours Approx.
Assignment System
Windows XP / Vista or Above / Win7 / Mac OS
59*41*21 mm
Only Cam: 60.5g / Whole Package: 352g
Waterproof Housing, Bicycle Mount, Camera Housing, Base Mount, Tripod Mount, Switch Support, Mount Supporter 1, Mount Supporter 2, USB cable, Adhesives, Wipes.

Beat the Ordinary

Get ready to record your moments in ultra-high resolution of 4K. Capture crisp images in vivid details with 16MP camera in different photo modes along with time lapse. Shoot anywhere, anytime.

Be Ready for Anything

Equipped with waterproof housing tested up to 30 meters, now take your Noise Play underwater to capture all your adventures. Feel the adrenaline rush all over again.

Be Ready for Anything

Equipped with waterproof housing tested up to 30 meters, now take your Noise Play underwater to capture all your adventures. Feel the adrenaline rush all over again.

Don’t just shoot but share

Enhance your Play experience with the Play App. Available for both iOS and Android. Record, view, upload and share with the inbuilt Wi-Fi.

1 YEAR Limited

Our products go through multiple levels of Quality Check to ensure that you get the best. But in case, you have any issue with the product, we provide 1 year of manufacturer warranty and excellent customer service.


What is the battery backup?

It comes with a battery of 1050mAh that shoots for up to 130 minutes depending upon the shoot mode.

Does it have video stabilization?

No, it doesn't have video stabilization.

Does it come with head mount?

No, it doesn't come with a head mount

Is it possible to record audio when riding a bike? Does the mic have length to fix in helmet?

Yes, it is possible to record audio while riding bike. However, it does not come with the mic or support external mic.

Can it record timelapse?

Yes, it can.

Does it come with memory card? What’s the capacity?

It does not have any internal memory, but it does supports external memory upto 64 GB (Class 10 memory card)

Can we use it with gimbal?


Can a different mic with same jack be used?

There is no provision for external MIC support.

Can i mount this on helmet?

Yes, you can.

Does it come with a battery charger?

It does not come with battery charger but we do provide you USB cable to charge the camera

Is the display black and white or colored?

It has a colored display.

Also any audio bluetooth facility available???


Does it have zoom feature?

Yes, it does.

Does it have WiFi?

Yes, it has inbuilt Wi-Fi setting.

Can I use it as car dash cam?

Yes, you can.

What kind of memory card does it support?

It supports class 10 memory card of up to 64GB.

Does it have internal storage?

No, it doesn't.

Is it is suitable for beginner’s lifestyle Vlogging?

Yes, it is but it does not have external mic support.

Is it made in China?

It is designed in India, made in China

Can we make YouTube videos?

Yes, you can.

How do we convert MOV file to mp4?

There are many converter available online.

What is the weight?

The camera weighs 60.5gms. However, the whole package weighs 352gms.

What are its different shoot/recording modes?

Time-lapse, Slo-Mo, Loop Video

Is the Mic included?

No, it does not come with additional Mic.

Do we get extra battery in the package?


What is the maximum depth till which the camera be taken?

You can take it up to 30 meters of water with waterproof housing.

Does it have flash?

No, it does not have a flash.

Can I get extra battery?

Yes, you can. Just follow the link -

What does the package contain?

Noise Play Action camera comes with Camera, Waterproof Housing, Handle Bar/Pole Mount, J-Mount, Clip/Harness, Base, Tripod Mount, Flat Adhesivesx2, Charging Cable, Straps, Helmet Base, Switch Support, Wipes

Does it record 1080 60fps??


Is it good for bike riders?


Is it available in blue color?

No. It is only available in black.

Does it shoot only videos?

No, it can capture images as well.

Can use EIS while recording in 4k?

No, you cannot as it does not have EIS.

How long does battery last in 4k mode?

You can record for up to 45-60 minutes in 4K.

Is it a touch screen?

No, it does not have touchscreen.

Do we get the waterproof housing and accessories?

Yes, you waterproof housing with assortment of accessories

Is the camera compatible with GoPro accessories?

Yes, it is compatible with GoPro accessories as long as Play action camera's housing is the same.

Does it have in-built WiFi to download footage?

It has in-built WiFi but it cannot be used to download the footage.

Does it have image stabilization?

No, it does not have image stabilization.

Does it have Bluetooth?

No, it does not have Bluetooth.

Does it support Slo-Mo and time lapse?

Yes, it shoots Slo-Mo and Timelapse.

Which action camera is better noise play 2 or noise vlog?

Noise Play 2 is much better then Noise Play Vlog. For more information, please follow the link -

Do we have to purchase accessories separately?

No, you don’t have to purchase accessories seperately as you get quite a few with the original package. However, if you need more then you can follow the link -

Does it support the external mic to record the voice during rides?

No, it does not supports external mic.

How much is the Wide-Angle degree?

170 Degree

Please tell me where is Wi-Fi in this device?

Just press the up (arrow) button in the camera on the side, the wifi will turn on and then connect the camera to the phone wifi by adding the password displayed on the screen.

Does this camera have option of raw footage

No, it does not have option for RAW footage.

Is it possible to use it when it’s charging?

Yes, it is possible to use it while charging only when its charging through adapter.

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Buy Noise Play Action Camera Online

Memories are something that we create on a daily basis whether we are leading our daily life or getting our adrenaline rush and the best way to relive them is through action camera. Equipped with multiple mounts and heavy in features like 4K video resolution, 16MP still image quality, wide-angle view along with waterproof housing, you can capture memories and moments just as you see them.

Noise Play is one such action camera that captures the subtlest movements and immortalizes them to be replayed at your wish.

Why choose Noise Play action camera?

Built for those who want to capture moments from their point of view (POV) just as they are being played, Noise Play is a compact and lightweight action cam that can be taken anywhere. Combined with various mounts, you can capture different perspectives and in remote conditions making it for perfect for daily use and during holidays as well.

Apart from these, another important feature that plays a critical role is the video and image quality. A 4K action camera and 16MP will certainly hold much more importance as compared to other cameras as it will be able to record and present the moments in vivid details.

Different modes of shooting also hold a lot of importance for a sports camera as it will be able to capture high-intensity action.

Shop Online for Play Action Camera

As long as you have an action camera that does it all, you are all set for adventure but if you don’t then simply head on over to Gonoise and buy Noise Play action camera online from the comfort of your home.

Please fill in your information and we’ll notify you when stocks arrive.


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