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  • How much bass does Shots X3 BASS have?  
    As the name suggests, Shots X3 BASS has a powerful bass driven sound signature. If you’re looking for bass, these are the Bluetooth headphones for you.
  • Does the music play in both the ear buds or just one? And while calling does it play in both ears?  
    Shots X3 BASS supports Stereo mode during music and calls which means during the calls and playing music you will hear the sound in both the earbuds.
  • Where is the microphone?  
    The microphone is placed inside the right earbud.
  • Does Shots X3 BASS announce caller name or number on incoming calls?  
    No, it does not announce caller name or number on incoming calls
  • While listening to music, I can listen to music clearly but during calls, my voice is very low and the person on other side cannot hear clearly but I can hear their voice clearly. What’s the issue?  
    Since the in-built MIC is inside the earbud that is placed in your ear that’s why it’s advisable to speak a little loudly for your voice to be audible in any surrounding.
  • Can I use a single earbud while listening to music?  
    Yes, you can. Just switch on a single earbud and pair it with your device.
  • Does Shots X3 BASS have a touch feature to change tracks?  
    No. You have to press the earbuds to change the tracks.
  • What is the internal memory?  
    Shots X3 BASS does not have internal memory.
  •   What is the battery backup?
    The battery up of earbuds is up to 3.5 hours and backed with battery case of 1500mAh, it provides the play time of up to 30 hours.
  •   How much time does it take to charge Shots X3 BASS?
    Shots X3 BASS takes about 3 hours to fully charge.
  •   Can Shots X3 BASS be charged without putting them into the case?
    No. Shots X3 BASS cannot be charged without the case.
  •   What is the exact use of that charging case? (Is it for holding earbuds or does it act like power bank as well for earbuds?)
    The Shots X3 BASS charging case works as a charging portal and earbuds on the go. They also function as the storage for earbuds.
  •   Does Shots X3 BASS have noise cancellation?
    No, Shots X3 BASS does not provide active voice cancellation.
  •   How To connect Noise Shots X3 BASS?
    Take both earbuds out from the magnetic charging case. Here is the video to guide you through - LINK
  •   Does it have buttons to change the music and attend calls?
    Yes, Shots X3 BASS comes with Multifunctional button to change songs and attend calls. To play or pause the songs, single press the left/right button. Long press the left button to switch to the previous song. Long press the right button to switch to the next song.
  •   Is Shots X3 BASS waterproof or not?
    Noise Shots is IPX4 which means that it is splash resistant and can withstand occasional splash of water.
  • How is ear fitting?  
    Shots X3 BASS comes with different sized earbuds (S/M/L) for the perfect fit.
  • How do I find the right ear-tip size for me?  
    Try all three sizes and select the one that is most comfortable while also keeping the earbuds secure in your ears.
  • Does Shots X3 BASS have a redial option?  
    There is a redial option. Take help from Google support or Siri to redial the last number.
  • How do I pair both earbuds with an iPhone?  
    Take both earbuds out from the magnetic charging case. Switch them on at the same time. Turn on Bluetooth in your iPhone. Choose Shots X3 BASS from the list of available devices. Your Shots X3 BASS has now been paired.
  • Does Shots X3 BASS support Siri/Google Assistant?  
    Yes, Shots X3 BASS supports Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android.
  • Are these earpods compatible with Iphone 6, 6s and 7?  
    Yes, the Shots X3 BASS are compatible with iPhone 6, 6s and 7.
  • Is this compatible with windows so that I can connect it through my laptop?  
    Yes, Shots X3 BASS is compatible with Windows so it can be connected to the laptop as long it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity provision.
  • Does Shots X3 BASS connect with led TV using Bluetooth?  
    Yes, as long as you have the provision for Bluetooth connectivity in your TV, you can connect Shots X3 BASS to it.
  •   How much does the Shots X3 BASS weigh?
    Each earbud weighs 4.71 grams and the total weight of both earbuds and the charging case is 77.14 grams.
  •   Does Shots X3 BASS support Bluetooth 4.0 ?
    Shots X3 BASS is best suited with Bluetooth v5.0, however, it also supports smartphones with Bluetooth v4.0 as well.
  •   What is the range of Bluetooth from phone?
    The Bluetooth range is up to 30 metres without any obstacle.
  •   I lost one earbud. Can I buy just a single earbud?
    No. Shots X3 BASS is only available as a complete package.
  •   Only one earbud is working. What do I do?
    Please visit and we will help you out.
  •   What is the warranty for Shots X3 BASS?
    Yes, there is 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product

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