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  • Can Noise Tune FLEX Bluetooth Neckband take calls?  
    Yes, you can attend calls with Tune FLEX Bluetooth headphones as long as it is synced with your smartphone.
  • Does Tune FLEX have noise cancelling feature?  
    Tune FLEX Bluetooth Neckband comes with a Qualcomm 8.0 noise wind reduction that lets you attend your calls without background disturbance coming in the way. Qualcomm CVC 8.0 noise wind reduction feature reduces the external (background voice, music, ambient) noise by a 30 decibel allowing the user to make and attend calls with ease.
  • Is Tune FLEX waterproof/water resistant?  
    Yes, Tune FLEX has IPX5 water resistant rating.
  • What do the inline buttons do?  
    With the multi-function button, you can play/pause the music, answer, end and reject calls and activate Siri or Google Assistant. The +/-buttons are the volume buttons which also support track changes.
  •   How do I get the best sound?
    Make sure that your mobile is in a good network zone. If you are streaming music, make sure it’s from good quality streaming platforms, the music is playing at 320kbps and is within 10 meters range.
  •   How do I pair my Tune FLEX Bluetooth headphones with my mobile device?
    Long press the multi-function button of Tune FLEX. Turn on the device Bluetooth. Wait for pairing prompt in the neckband. Select Tune FLEX in your smartphone.
  •   Is Tune FLEX compatible with Bluetooth v4.2?
    Tune FLEX is compatible with devices having Bluetooth v4.2. However, it works best with Bluetooth v5.0.
  • Can I pair two devices with my Tune FLEX at the same time?  
    Yes, you can pair two devices with your Tune FLEX. Connect Tune FLEX with device
    1. Turn off the Bluetooth of device
    • Restart your neckband and wait for the Pairing prompt.
    • Connect Tune FLEX with device
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth of device
    Now both the devices are connected with Tune FLEX.

    Note: When device 1 is playing music, Tune FLEX can control the music of device 1. In order to play music in device 2. pause the music in device 1 and play music in device
  • What is the Bluetooth range of Tune FLEX?  
    Tune FLEX has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters without obstruction.
  • Is it compatible with iOS devices?  
    Yes, Tune FLEX is compatible with iOS devices.
  • Is it compatible with Android devices?  
    Yes, Tune FLEX is compatible with Android devices.
  • Does Tune FLEX support Google Assistant or Siri?  
    Yes, Tune FLEX supports Google Assistant and Siri as long as it is synced with your smartphone. To activate either of them, double press the Multifunction button.
  •   How can I charge Tune FLEX Bluetooth headphones?
    You can charge your Tune FLEX Bluetooth headphones using USB cable. Plug in the USB end to your laptop/desktop or to a wall adaptor and micro USB port into charging point of the headphone. Once its fully charged the light will turn blue.
    Note: Use only the USB charger to charge your device.
  •   How long does it take for Tune FLEX Bluetooth headphones to get charged?
    It takes 2 hours for Tune FLEX to get charged.
  •   How long does the battery last in Tune FLEX?
    The playback time of Tune FLEX is up to 12 hours.

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