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  • How to connect Noise Shots X1 AIR?  
    Follow the link
  • Does the music and call play in both ears?  
    Yes, Shots X1 AIR lets you hear calls and music in both ears.
  • How is the calling?  
    The call quality in Shots X1 AIR is good as long as the network is good and there is no disturbances in the surroundings.
  • Does it announce caller name or number on incoming calls?  
    No, it does not announce caller name or number on incoming calls
  • Can I use a single bud while listening to music?  
    Yes, you can. You can use the right earbud and pair it with your device.
  • Can I change tracks with my Shots X1 AIR?  
    Yes, just double tap the earbuds to change the tracks.
  • What is the internal memory?  
    Shots X1 AIR does not have internal memory. They require a Bluetooth device to work.
  • What is the battery backup?  
    On a full charge, the Shots X1 AIR has a playtime of up to 7 hours.
  •   How to find out if Shots X1 AIR is fully charged?
    The blue light on the charging case next to L and R marking indicates the charging status and once charged it will turn red. Please note that it will take about 2 hours to fully charge the earbuds.
  •   How to charge Shots X1 AIR?
    Place the earbuds in the charging case. Plug the charging case to a charging point to charge it. Please note that the case does not charge the earbuds independently and needs a charging source to charge it.
  •   How much time does it take to charge?
    Shots X1 AIR take about 2 hours to fully charge.
  •   Can Shots X1 AIR earbuds be charged without putting them into the case?
    No, the earbuds cannot be charged without the case.
  •   What do I do if my Shots X1 AIR case is not charging?
    Please reach us at - and we'll help you out.
  •   What is the purpose of case?
    It works as a charging case for earbuds when connected to a charging point and it also functions as a storage unit for earbuds.
  •   Does Shots X1 AIR have noise cancellation?
    No, Shots X1 AIR does not provide active noise cancellation.
  •   How do I pair my Shots X1 AIR earbuds with my phone?
    Please follow the link
  • How do I control music and calls with Shots X1 AIR?  
    To control calls, follow the link
    To control music, follow the link
    To control volume, follow the link
  • Is Shots X1 AIR waterproof?  
    Shots X1 AIR is IPX6 certified and can withstand powerful jets of water.
  • How does Shots X1 CHARGE fit in my ear?  
    Shots X1 AIR comes with 3 different sized soft silicone ear tips for the perfect fit. You can try each earbud and check for the comfort.
  • Does it have a redial option?  
    There is a redial option. Take help from Google support or Siri to redial the last number.
  • What if one ear bud is not working?  
    Please get in touch with our customer care team at and we'll get in touch with you.
  • Are these earbuds compatible with iPhone?  
    Yes, Shots X1 AIR is compatible with all iPhones.
  • Does it support Siri?  
    Yes, Shots X1 AIR supports Siri.
  • Can it be connected to laptop/computer?  
    Yes, as long as the laptop/computer has the Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect Shots X1 AIR to it.
  •   What is the sensitivity and hz range?
    The sensitivity of Shots X1 AIR is 93dB±3dB and frequency range is 20Hz~20KHz.
  •   Does it support Bluetooth 4.0 ?
    Shots X1 AIR works best with Bluetooth v5.0. However, it supports all Bluetooth versions.
  •   What is the range of Bluetooth from phone?
    The Bluetooth range is 10 meters without obstacles.
  •   Is single earbud available as one of them was missing?
    No, it isn't.
  •   What to do if one Shots X1 AIR earbud is not working?
    Check if the non-working earbud is charged and connected to your device. If the issue persits, please reach us at - and we'll get in touch with you.
  •   Is there warranty for this product?
    Yes, there is 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product
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