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  • What is the recording time of the Noise Play SE?  
    The inbuilt battery will let you record for up to 150 minutes, depending upon the recording mode.
  • Does Noise Play SE have video stabilization?  
    No, it does not have video stabilization.
  • Does it come with head mount?  
    Head mount is not included in the Noise Play SE accessories kit. However, you can purchase a separate accessory set from the website.
  • Is it possible to record audio when riding a bike?  
    Yes, it is possible to record audio while riding bike. However, Noise Play SE does not support external microphones, so all the audio recorded will be directly from the inbuilt microphone.
  • Can it record timelapse?  
    Yes, Noise Play SE can record Time Lapse.
  • Does Noise Play SE have internal storage?  
    No, it does not come with any internal memory. However, it supports external memory of up to 64 GB (Class 10 memory card).
  • Can we use Noise Play SE with gimbal?  
    Yes, Noise Play SE can be used with any compatible gimbal.
  • Can a different external microphone be used with the Noise Play SE?  
    There is no provision for external MIC support in Noise Play SE.
  • Can I mount this on a helmet?  
    Yes, you can by using its mount.
  • Does Noise Play SE come with a battery charger?  
    Play SE does not come with battery charger but the package includes a USB cable to charge the camera
  • Is the display black and white or colored?  
    Play SE has a full colored display.
  •   Does Noise Play SE support Bluetooth?
    No, Noise Play SE has no Bluetooth support.
  •   Does it have zoom feature?
    Noise Play SE features a 4x digital zoom
  •   Does Play SE have WiFi?
    Yes, it has inbuilt Wi-Fi.
  •   Can I use Play SE as car dash cam?
    Yes, you can use Noise Play SE as a car dash cam.
  •   What kind of memory card does it support?
    It supports class 10 memory card of up to 64GB.
  •   Is it suitable for beginner's lifestyle Vlogging?
    Yes, it is but it does not have external mic support.
  •   Can we make YouTube videos with Noise Play SE?
    Yes, you can make YouTube videos with Noise Play SE.
  •   How do we convert MOV file to mp4?
    There are many converters available online.
  •   What is the weight?
    The camera weighs 60.5gms. However, the whole package weighs 352gms.
  •   What is the different shoot/recording modes?
    Noise Play has these modes: photo mode, burst mode, video mode, time-lapse, slow motion.
  • Is the Mic included?  
    No, it does not come with additional Mic.
  • Do we get extra battery in the package?  
    No. Noise Play SE comes with only one battery in the package.
  • What is the maximum depth in water till which Noise Play SE can be taken?  
    You can take Noise Play SE up to 30 meters underwater with waterproof housing.
  • Does it have flash?  
    No, it does not have a flash.
  • Can I get extra battery?  
    Yes, you can by following the Link.
  • What does the package contain?  
    Noise Play SE Action camera comes with Camera, Remote Control, Waterproof Housing, Handle Bar/Pole Mount, J-Mount, Clip/Harness, Base, Tripod Mount, Flat Adhesivesx2, Charging Cable, Straps, Helmet Base, Switch Support, Wipes
  • Does Noise Play SE record 1080 60fps?  
    Yes, Noise Play can record Full HD 1080p video at 60fps.
  • Is it good for bike riders?  
  • Does Noise Play SE shoot only videos?  
    No, it can capture images as well.
  • How long does battery last in 4k mode?  
    You can record for up to 45-60 minutes in 4K.
  •   Does Noise Play SE have a touch screen?
    No, it does not have a touchscreen.
  •   Are the waterproof housing and accessories included?
    Yes, a waterproof housing and accessories are included with the Noise Play SE.
  •   Is the camera compatible with GoPro accessories?
    Yes, it is compatible with GoPro accessories as long as Play SE action camera's housing is the same.
  •   Does it have in-built Wi-Fi to download footage?
    It has in-built Wi-Fi but it cannot be used to download the footage.
  •   Does Play SE have image stabilization?
    No, it does not have image stabilization.
  •   Do we have to purchase accessories separately?
    No, you don't have to purchase accessories seperately as you get quite a few with the original package. However, if you need more then you can follow the Link.
  •   How much is the Wide-Angle degree?
    170 Degree
  •   How to operate the Wi-Fi in the device?
    Just press the up (arrow) button in the camera on the side, the Wi-Fi will turn on and then connect the camera to the phone Wi-Fi by adding the password displayed on the screen.
  •   Can Noise Play SE shoot in RAW?
    Noise Play SE cannot shoot in RAW.
  •   Is it possible to use it when it's charging?
    Yes, it is possible to use it while charging only when its charging through adapter.
  •   What is the use of the remote control?
    The remote control can be used as a trigger to click images and videos.

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