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  • What is the battery backup?  
    It comes with 1200mAh that shoots up to 160 minutes depending ipon the shoot mode. mode.
  • Does it have video stabilization?  
    Yes, it does have video stabilization.
  • Does it come with head mount?  
    No, it doesn't come with a head mount
  • Is it possible to record audio when riding a bike? Does the mic have length to fix in helmet?  
    Yes, it is possible to record audio while riding bike. Just plug-in the mic to the camera and place the mic close to the mouth to record your voice. Though while mounting on the helmet - do place the mic inside the helmet as only then it can record clearly
  • Can it record timelapse?  
    Yes, it can.
  • Does it come with memory card? What’s the capacity?  
    It does not have any internal memory, but it does supports external memory upto 128 GB (Class 10 memory card)
  • Can we use it with gimbal?  
    Yes, you can.
  •   Can a different mic with same jack be used?
  •   Can i mount this on helmet?
    Yes, you can.
  •   Does it come with a battery charger?
    It does not come with battery charger but we do provide you USB cable to charge the camera
  •   Is the display black and white or colored?
    It has a colored display.
  •   Also any audio bluetooth facility available?
  •   Does it have zoom feature?
    Yes, it does.
  •   Does it have WiFi?
    Yes, it has inbuilt Wi-Fi setting.
  •   Can I use it as car dash cam?
    Yes, you can.
  • What kind of memory card does it support?  
    It supports class 10 memory card of up to 128GB.
  • Does it have internal storage?  
    No, Noise Play 2 has no internal storage.
  • Is it is suitable for beginner’s lifestyle Vlogging?  
    Yes, it is.
  • Is it made in China?  
    It is designed in India, made in China
  • Can we make YouTube videos?  
    Yes, you can.
  • How do we convert MOV file to mp4?  
    There are many converter available online.
  • What are its different shoot/recording modes?  
    It can Record -Timelapse, Slo-Mo. Shoot - Burst mode, RAW, Manial Mode
  • Is the Mic included?  
  •   Do we get extra battery in the package?
  •   What is the maximum depth till which the camera be taken?
    You can take it up to 30 meters of water with waterproof housing.
  •   What is the maximum depth in water till which Noise Play 2 can be taken?
    You can take Noise Play 2 down to 30 meters underwater when using the waterproof housing.
  •   Does it have flash?
    No, it does not have a flash.
  •   Can I get extra battery?
    Yes, you can. Just follow the link -
  •   What does the package contain?
    Noise Play 2 Action camera comes with Camera, Accessory box, Handle bar/ Pole Mount, Housing Play 2, Screws x 2, Helmet Mount x 2, Tripod Mount Adapter x 2, Adhesives x 2, Switch Support x 2
  •   Does it record 1080 60fps?
  •   Is it good for bike riders?
  • Is it available in blue color?  
    NO.It is only available in black.
  • Does it shoot only videos?
    No, it can capture images as well.
  • Can use EIS while recording in 4k?  
    Yes, you can.
  • How long does battery last in 4k mode?  
    You can record for up to 120 minutes in 4K.
  • Is it a touch screen?  
    Yes, it has a touchscreen.
  • Do we get the waterproof housing and accessories?  
    Yes, you waterproof housing with assortment of accessories
  • Is the camera compatible with GoPro accessories?  
    Yes, it is compatible with GoPro accessories as long as Play action camera's housing is the same.
  •   Does it have in-built WiFi to download footage?
    It has in-built WiFi but it cannot be used to download the footage.
  •   Does it have image stabilization?
    Yes, it has image stabilization.
  •   Does it have Bluetooth?
    No, it does not have Bluetooth.
  •   Does it support Slo-Mo and time lapse?
    Yes, it shoots Slo-Mo and Timelapse.
  •   Which action camera is better noise play 2 or noise vlog?
    Noise Play 2 is much better then Noise Play Vlog. For more information, please follow the link -
  •   Do we have to purchase accessories separately?
    No, you don’t have to purchase accessories seperately as you get quite a few with the original package. However, if you need more then you can follow the link -
  •   Does it support the external mic to record the voice during rides?
    Yes, it supports external mic.
  • How much is the Wide-Angle degree?  
    170 Degree
  • Please tell me where is Wi-Fi in this device?
    Swipe down the screen, press the wifi option on the screen and then connect the camera to your phone by adding the password displayed on the screen.
  • Dose this camera have option of raw footage  
    Yes, it has the option for RAW footage.

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