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  • Does ColorFit give an accurate count of calories burnt?  
    Yes, it does. Please ensure that the personal details you enter, such as weight, are accurate and up-to-date for an accurate calorie count.
  • Can ColorFit be used while swimming?  
    No, you cannot use your Noise ColorFit while swimming. The ColorFit is IP67 rated and splash resistant only.
  • How do I charge my ColorFit if I do not have a laptop?  
    Your Noise ColorFit charging adapter can be plugged into any USB port to charge.
  • Can I see see a weather report on my ColorFit?  
    Yes, you can check the weather as long as your ColorFit is synced with ‘Da Fit’ app on your smartphone, with your smartphone’s location services and internet turned on.
  • Is ColorFit compatible with OnePlus 6?  
    ColorFit is compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.4 & above. This includes almost every Android smartphone on the market today.
  • Is ColorFit water proof?  
    ColorFit is splash resistant. It can be used in the rain but you cannot swim with it.
  • What's the name of the ColorFit app for Android?  
    The name of the ColorFit app is ‘Da Fit’.
  • Can I take photos with my ColorFit?  
    ColorFit is not equipped with a camera. However, it has a remote camera feature that can be used to control your smartphone’s camera.
  •   Can I use my ColorFit to view my photos?
    ColorFit does not have a gallery to view photos on the watch.
  •   Does the ColorFit monitor sleep if the app is not connected?
    ColorFit can only monitor sleep when it is paired and connected with the ‘Da Fit’ app on your phone.
  •   Is ColorFit compatible with iPhones?
    ColorFit is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 9 and above. Almost every iPhone currently in use is compatible with ColorFit.
  •   Can I reject calls from my ColorFit?
    Yes, you can reject calls by long pressing the touch panel.
  •   Does ColorFit have a pedometer?
    Yes, ColorFit has an inbuilt pedometer.
  •   What is the warranty on ColorFit?
    ColorFit is backed by a 1 year manufacturing warranty, valid from the date of delivery.
  •   Does the ColorFit really measure blood pressure?
    ColorFit can measure your blood pressure. However, the reading is for reference only and is not recommended to be used as medical data. ColorFit is NOT a medical device.
  •   Does ColorFit display pace and distance while running?
    You can check your pace and distance covered on your ColorFit as well as in the ‘Da Fit’ app.
  • Does ColorFit have a phone tracking option?  
    You cannot find your phone through your ColorFit. However, you can choose the ‘Find Device’ in the ‘Da Fit' app to find your ColorFit Pro.
  • Can you please tell me how to start this device?  
    You can follow the link to see how you can start the device.
  • What are the accessories included with ColorFit?  
    ColorFit comes with a user manual. It does not come with a USB charging cable as it has an inbuilt USB port for charging.
  • Where can I buy a replacement strap for my ColorFit?  
  • What is the battery life of my ColorFit?  
    ColorFit delivers up to 3 days of battery life, depending upon the usage. However, power consumption depends on many factors, including operating temperature, features in use, vibration frequency, display brightness, charging pattern and other application usage patterns.
  • Does ColorFit show notifications from social networking apps?  
    Yes, ColorFit shows push notifications for the social networking apps that have been synced with the ‘Da Fit’ App.
  • Does ColorFit have Gesture Control?  
    Yes, ColorFit has gesture control to turn on the display.
  •   Why can’t I see incoming call notifications on my ColorFit?
    Turn on call notifications in the ‘Da Fit’ app to see the incoming call information on your ColorFit.
  •   Is ColorFit waterproof and sweatproof?
    Colorfit is sweatproof and spashproof but it is not waterproof.
  •   Can ColorFit store and play music?
    ColorFit has no internal music storage or music player. However, it has a remote to control your smartphone’s music player, once synced with the Da Fit app in your phone.
  •   Can ColorFit play music to a Bluetooth headset?
    ColorFit cannot play music through a Bluetooth headset.
  •   Can I silence incoming calls from my ColorFit?
    You’ll get notified of incoming calls on your ColorFit once the watch has been synced with the ‘Da Fit’ app on your smartphone. Since the alert is a silent vibration there is no need to silence the call.
  •   Can I read incoming messages on my ColorFit or do I just get message notifications?
    You’ll get notified of incoming messages on your ColorFit fitness band once the watch has been synced with the ‘Da Fit’ app on your smartphone.You can read the message at the time of notification but you cannot read previous messages.
  •   What is the battery capacity and standby time?
    ColorFit has a battery capacity of 90mAh that delivers up to 3 days of battery life and 7 days of standby time.
  • Does ColorFit have a full touchscreen display?  
    ColorFit does not have a full touchscreen display. It has a touch panel.
  • Are the blood pressure and heart rate monitor features automatic or do I have to measure them manually on my ColorFit?
    You can set the heart rate monitor to automatic mode via the ‘Da Fit’ app. However, you’ll have to turn on the blood pressure monitor manually whenever you want to measure your blood pressure.
  • Can I change the watch face on my ColorFit?  
    Yes, you can change your ColorFit watch face via the ‘Da Fit’ app on your smartphone.
  • How does ColorFit show steps and time?  
    The ColorFit will display the time when it detects that you have flipped your wrist to look at it. You can tap the pedometer to get detailed information of steps taken, distance covered and calories burned.
  • Are the step count and heart rate monitor on the ColorFit accurate?  
    Yes, the ColorFit accurately measures steps and your heart rate, if worn properly.
  • Does ColorFit have an always-on screen?  
    The ColorFit does not have an always-on screen.
  • Does ColorFit have GPS and WiFi?  
    ColorFit does not have WiFi or GPS. However, it can track location through your phone’s GPS when paired with the ‘Da Fit’ app.

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