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Next-Gen Sound

Enjoy fuller, richer music and deeper bass with superior audio and custom speaker drivers in the new X-Buds.

Next-Gen Sound

Enjoy fuller, richer music and deeper bass with superior
audio and custom speaker drivers in the new X-Buds.

All Day Battery

With up-to 4 hours of battery life in the earphones and another 3 full recharges from the included
charging case, X-Buds can go for over 12 hours without being plugged in.

650 mAh


Stylish Ergonomic

Wear them all day! X-Buds' unique rounded-rectangular
design looks stylish and is comfortable enough for
day-long use. The case is designed to slip easily into and
out of your pocket.

Full Touch Controls

Never reach for your phone with full touch control on X-Buds. You can play or pause music, change tracks, control volume and answer calls as
well, with a built in microphone.












Double tap to play/pause music.
Triple tap twice to go to previous track.


Double tap to play/pause music.
Triple tap to go to next track.

Tap to

Double tap to
end call

Long press to
reject call.

Tap to

Double tap to
end call

Long press to
reject call.

Siri & Google

Need help? Your favourite voice assistant is just a tap
away on the touch controls on your X-Buds.

Sweat Proof

With an IPX5 rating for water resistance,
X-Buds are not afraid of a little sweat, so you can
workout longer and harder with them.

Be Heard!

The high quality microphone on the
Shots X-Buds is tuned to make you
sound louder and clearer on voice calls.

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1 YEAR Limited

Our products go through multiple levels of Quality Check to ensure that you get the best. But in case, you have any issue with the product, we provide 1 year of manufacturer warranty and excellent customer service.

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How to connect Noise Shots X-BUDS?

Here’s the video to guide you- - LINK


How to reset Shots X-Buds?

Follow the steps to reset Shots XBuds-
1. Make sure that the case is charging.
2. Long touch the earbuds for 10 seconds until the white light flashes thrice.
3. Take out the earbuds.
4. Flashing white and blue lights indicate that the earbuds are paired with each other.
5. They are now ready to pair with your device.


Does the music play in both the ear buds or just one? During calls is the audio available in both ears?

Shots X-Buds supports Stereo mode during music which means that you’ll be able to hear music in both the earbuds.


When we receive a call, is it audible in 1 ear or both?

The audio is available in both the earbuds.

How is the calling?

The call quality is good as long as the network is good and there are no disturbances in the surroundings.


Does it announce caller name or number on incoming calls?

No it doesn’t.


Can I use Shots X-Buds as a single bud while listening to music?

Yes, you can. However, only left earbud will function as it is the master earbud.


Does it have touch feature to change tracks?

Yes, you can change tracks by tapping the earbuds. Triple tap twice the left earbud to go previous track. Triple tap right earbud to go to next track.


What is the internal memory?

It does not have internal memory.


What is the battery backup?

The battery up of earbuds is up to 4 hours and backed with battery case of 650mAh it provides the play time of up to 16 hours.


How much time does it take to charge?

Shots X-Buds takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge.


Can Shots X-Buds be charged without putting them into the case?

No, they cannot be charged without the case.


In case, the charger case is not charging, how do we operate the same?

Get in touch with our customer care team at with your order id, product image and issues with it.


What is the exact use of that case?

The Shots X-Buds charging case works as a charging portal and earbuds on the go. They also function as the holding case for earbuds.


Is noise cancellation available?

No, there is no active noise cancellation available.


Is it waterproof or not?

It has IPX5 rating which means that it is splash resistant and can withstand occasional splash of water.


How is ear fitting?

Shots X-Buds comes with different sized eartips (S/M/L) for the perfect fit.


How would I get to know, what size would be perfect fit?

You can try the eartips and check for the perfect fit and comfort.


What are the color options?

Currently, we have black color way. We’ll be coming up with more color ways.


What if one ear bud is not working at all?

Please get in touch with our customer care team at with your order id, product image and issues with it.


Are these earbuds compatible with iPhone?

Yes, they are compatible with iPhone.


Is this compatible with Windows. Can I connect my laptop?

Yes, Shots X-Buds is compatible with Windows so it can be connected to the laptop as long it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity provision.


Can it be connected to laptop/computer?

Yes, it can be connected to laptop/computer as long as it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity provision.


What is the sensitivity and hz range?

Shots X-BUDS instead of X3 BASS and sensitivity is 96dB±3dB


Does it support Bluetooth 4.0?

Shots X-Buds is best suited with Bluetooth v5.0. However, it also supports smartphones with Bluetooth v4.0 as well.


What is the range of Bluetooth from phone?

The Bluetooth range is 10 meters without any obstacle.


Is single earbud available as one of them was missing?

No, it isn’t.


Only one bud is working, what do I do?

Check if the non-working earbud is charged and connected to your device and if it isn’t then get in touch with our customer care team at


Is there warranty for this product?

Yes, there is 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product.


Can I charge it with my PC/laptop?

Yes, you can charge X-Buds with your PC/laptop.


Does it have some sort of fast charge?

No, it does not have fast charging.


Can I use Siri/Google Assistant?

Yes, you can use Siri & Google Assistant.


Where do I register for warranty?

Please follow the link to register for warranty -

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Buy Shots X-Buds Truly Wireless Earbuds Online

Earphones have been the most in-demand gadget, but currently, its Bluetooth headphones that are the most sought-after. They are what makes transforms music experience for the better. There a plethora of Bluetooth earphones options available in the market. Bluetooth earphones are further categorized as truly wireless earphones. One such new entrant in the category is Noise Shots X-Buds.

Why should you choose Shots X-Buds?

If you are listening to music all day long over time the preference shifts to comfort quotient. This is where Shots X Buds comes into the picture. Apart from being comfortable, it is uber-stylish with that delivers an amazing audio experience in the form of Next-Gen sound. Lightweight and equipped with touch control and Bluetooth v5.0, these Bluetooth earphones packs quite a punch without compromising on the sound quality. And with a playback time of up to 4 hours on a single charge coupled with IPX5 water-resistant rating, it takes care of day to day music needs. With smart touch controls, you can attend, reject or end calls with just a tap or if you want to get assistant on your fingertips, simply hold & sit back and let the assistant do the work for you. With Shots X-Buds, just pair, play and enjoy the music.

Shop Online for Shots X-Buds in India

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for Shots X-Buds online and get it delivered to your doorstep.


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. (Special discount prices are valid for limited time period)
  • Quality of bass and loudness is subjective and may vary person to person.
  • When watching movies or playing video games, there may be a gap between video and audio.
  • 4 hours of playback time is dependent upon the audio played at 70% volume after full charge.
  • Actual product may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations/picture provided.
  • IPX5 certification means it is resistant against water splashes and sweat

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