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Trendy Covers For The Latest Samsung Series

Posted on March 29 2017

- by Debasmita Biswas

Gonoise | 29th March 2017 |

One thing is for sure, these days mobile covers are as important as our phones. For some of us, it is an extension of our expression while for some it functions as a protective gear for our babies. At Noise, you can find a range of phone cases but for now let’s look at some of the trendy phone covers for the latest Samsung series.

Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane

Moto g5 plus Cover

Remember the time when we use to wait eagerly for the release of cassette of our favorite songs? Well, this Noise Awesome Mix Cassette Printed Phone Cover will bring all those memories back in a rush. Though now we have the liberty to just download songs and listen to them in our phones, for those who want to take a trip down the memory lane they can get this back cover for their Samsung A7 2017, Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung A5 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8, or Samsung J7 Prime Cover.

Potterhead Alert

 Noise Leviosa Printed Cover

This one is for all the Potterheads in the house. The Leviosa Printed Cover serves as a perfect reminder of one of the most unconventional start of friendship (Remember when Ron knocked the mountain troll to save Harry and Hermione). Though the Harry Potter series is long over, you can always get the phone cover as a souvenir for the good times that the books have graced us with. The good news is it is available for Samsung A7 2017 Cover , Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8 , and Samsung A5 2017 back cover.

Humse Na Ho Payega

Feeling blue? Well, then this phone cover is just for you! The English twist to “Humse Na Ho Payega” is for the days when you can’t deal with life and prefer to take a nap or just procrastinate the entire day. So, without further ado get the Noise Nope Printed cover for your Samsung A7 2017, Samsung A5 2017, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8, or Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro back cover and deal with your life the unconventional way.

For the Love for 7 Kingdoms

 Nosie The Throne King Printed Cover

Fan of Game of Thrones and still can’t decide your favorite Kingdom? Fret not, we got you covered! Get the Noise The Throne King Printed Cover and have all the Kingdom at your disposal. Go ahead, do your duty and order the back cover one for your Samsung A5 2017, Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8 Case, or Samsung A7 2017.

Keeping it Simple

 Lookalike Denim & Leather

If you are on a lookout for a classy phone cover that never goes out of style, then you can go for the evergreen Lookalike Denim & Leather phone cover. This phone cover looks stylish without going overboard. Since these covers are available for Samsung A7 2017, Samsung C9 Pro, Samsung J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S8, and even Samsung A5 2017. All you got to do is place your order online.

The plethora of Noise Phone Covers available for the latest Samsung series gives you chance to choose a phone cover that matches your needs. These are just some of the options. If you are on a lookout for more variety then don’t forget to check out our rest of the collection and take your pick.


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