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The Big Debate: Case it or Leave it

Posted on April 29 2017

- by Debasmita Biswas

Gonoise | 29th April 2017 |

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Case it

Mobile covers have faced their existential question since the time smart phones have entered our lives. Some of us are in favor of giving our friendly device added protection while there are others who want to let their phone be. And, there are some who can’t decide. For those, we have compiled a list of pros and cons for their benefit. Read on to know more.

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This one goes without saying, the fundamental function of any mobile cover is to protect it from any kind of damage. Even if the occasional scratches and bumps, don’t make you cringe, the chipped edges do dull the beautiful look of your phone. In certain cases (read iPhones), these scratches do more harm than the big drops. So, if you want to retain the look and use your phone without any hassle, then it would be a good idea to get a phone cover.

Stand Out

No matter how sleek any phone is, the basic built remains the same. This means that at any given time there will be at least five similar phones near you which makes it difficult to identify your phone without a cover. In this case, a stylish mobile cover not only ensures easy identification but also helps your phone to stand out in a pile. The good news here is with a plethora of designer mobile covers available, you can go for buy fancy mobile covers online that has managed to catch your attention. As long as it connects with your style, it should be good.

Resale Value

With the release of new models every few months, it’s no longer an anomaly to change your phone frequently. Most of us prefer selling our old phone to cover the cost of the new model. And, in order to get a good price, the device needs to be free from small nicks and cuts. This can only be possible when you have a mobile cover. So, if you are one of those who frequently upgrade their phone, getting a mobile cover online sounds like a good investment.

Leave it

Hybrid Mobile Cover

Not much of Protection

Granted, a good quality phone cover does protect against the small bumps and drops, but what about the times when you accidentally drop it from a good height? At that time, very few phone covers can actually deliver their promise of complete protection.

Make it heavy

Mobile phone these days are made from lightest material using cutting-edge technology and to use a cover on top of it makes the entire process redundant. Most of the cases, in spite of promising of being the slimmest one in the market, ends up bulking the phone which don’t do any good to its looks. Also, often these cases provide for extra nooks and crannies that end up becoming a store house of dirt and grime which further deteriorates the overall look of the phone.


If the advertisements are to be believed then all phone covers available will provide the best protection that will make our phones last till eternity. But more often than not that’s not the case. The really good phone covers that deliver on their promise are expensive. This means if you already have bought an expensive phone, you’ll need to buy an equally expensive phone cover just to protect it.


In the end, it all depends on the personal choice. However, with the entry of smart phones, phone covers have become a necessity. Gonoise is the one of the best mobile cover site that has a distinctive range of designer and protective mobile covers for all the latest models. With quality products and speedy delivery, you can be rest assured that the safety of your phone is in the right hands. So, if you are looking for you’re looking for a cover for your phone then you need to check out Gonoise.



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