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Posted on June 13 2018

Noise Travel Essentials

Summer time is the best time for vacations-the escape from the crazy hectic lifestyle followed by exploring unchartered paths along with trying out tasty dishes can do wonders for your well-being. But even the most relaxing trips can turn upside down if we don’t carry the essentials that make your trip amazing.

And, keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of few Noise accessories that can make your trip truly memorable.

Let’s take a look.

Noise Play Action Cameras

 Noise Play 2 Action Camera

No trip is complete if you don’t have a zillion photos to prove that you had the best time. And, if you are the adventurous kinds then it is even more imperative that you click some epic photos and upload them on the social media to prove it to the world how much fun you had. And this is where Noise Play Action cameras come into picture.

With features like 16MP image quality and 4K video resolution, stabilization, time lapse, raw and manual mode along with a wide range of action camera mounts, all you’ll need to concentrate is on your moves and let the Noise Play sports action camera take care of the rest.

Wireless Speakers

It’s given that music plays an important role at any given point in life. However, during vacation mode it plays an even integral part of your trip. Depending upon where you are travelling, weather it is towards the mountains or towards the beach, you can carry a portable speaker and be ready small impromptu party always.

With portable, sturdy built and the guarantee of water and shockproof, you can simply enjoy the music with the wonderful company and not worry about damaging it!


Going on a vacation means that you will spend less time looking into your phone and more time being present at the moment and smart watch is the perfect gadget to ensure that. With notifications for calls, messages along with a plethora of health management apps that ensure your health is in top condition, you can simply strap on the iOS or Android smartwatch and head on to your next adventure.


Noise Headwraps

Whether you are trekking, heading towards the beach or going for a stint on the road with your favorite bike, head wrap is a must-have accessory for all! From keeping your hair in place to acting as the first layer of protection to complementing your vacation look, it works as the perfect style accessory.

Word of advice: Take more than one bandana to change your look on a daily basis of for the times when they get dirty.

Phone cases

Going on vacation calls for extra protection and more so for your phones. From facing unknown elements to being dropped on a more frequent basis (thanks to the extra luggage and rough terrain), your phone needs the perfect protection against drops and scratches while being stylish at the same time.

At Gonoise, you can find a range stylish and protective phone covers and cases. All you have to do is just pick and choose the range.


Want to make your trip more fun without worrying about missing out on anything? Just head on to our and take your pick.


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