5 reasons why action cameras are so popular?

Posted on September 15 2018

 - by Debasmita Biswas


Just the term “action camera” is enough to generate an image of small and compact equipment capturing high-speed sequence, delivering the thrill of the moment through pictures or videos.

Over the recent years, there is a spike in the popularity of action cameras, right from first-time users to professional photographers -all of them can be seen carrying and using one and not just in fancy locations but also in every day mundane life.

Given the rise in their demand, it is important to take a look at its reasons.

For Travel Goals on Social           


With the boom in social media and picture sharing platforms, the whole point of traveling has undergone a drastic change. Today it is not just about getting away from the everyday life, it now includes traveling to exotic locations and clicking out-of-the-box pictures and posting them on social media to garner as many likes and gaining popularity in the process. Action camera with its many accessories, small size, and high-quality recordings can capture all those drool-worthy travel goals.

Rough & Tough Usage

Would you use an expensive and heavy-to-lug around camera to capture an adrenaline filled activity or vacation? No, right! This is where a sports camera comes in. So small and made of sturdy material, just attach it anywhere (courtesy its many accessories) and capture all those shots that you wouldn’t dare imagine with your precious high-end cameras.

Open for experimentation

With a plethora of accessories and a creative mind, you have at least a bazillion options for experimenting with the recordings. With wide-angle, EIS and manual mode (to name a few), you have the option of clicking pictures and making edits in them while with the accessories, you can capture different POVs (Point of Views) and get some interesting shots.  

Make it into a career

Gone are the days when only conventional professionals (doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers) were in high demand. The current trend is of unconventional and off-beat professions like Vloggers. There are a variety of vloggers who started their career through vlogging and action camera makes sense to start with, with low investment cost and plenty of editing opportunities.

Finishing touches

Capturing images or footage is only half the task, it also includes editing and other finishing touches. With action cameras, you have the provision of editing, adding, subtraction certain elements from the material to make it presentable, all from its app all on the go.


With more and more companies realizing the numerous uses and ever-increasing popularity of action cameras, they have started entering this once elusive field. That’s not all, they have come up with different ways of killing the competition by launching new and improved versions of action cam with assortments of accessories at discounted prices, in turn, contributing to their high-demands.

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